Coronavirus: Shutting Public Loos is 'Loonacy'

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So now they are planning to shut public loos.

Councils are closing loos.

And shops which had them won’t have them.

Which complete moron thought this one up?

What about the elderly who cannot possible get through a shopping expedition without a visit to the loo?

What about mothers with small children?

What about people with bowel disorders?

What about women who need to change a tampon? Have the idiots who are closing loos never heard of toxic shock syndrome?

What about people who just thought they might like a day out?

How much longer are we going to put up with this madness?

I predict that hardly anyone will venture out for the day.

And, after the initial excitement, almost no one will go shopping.

So even more shops will go bankrupt.

The mythmaking reality deniers in Government will doubtless claim that people aren’t going shopping because they are frightened of catching the virus.

And that will suit the Big Lie very nicely.

The enemy has taken over our world.

It’s time to shout `enough’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 26th 2020