BBC Question Time – Pathetic and Disgraceful

Dr Vernon Coleman

After making a huge fuss about inviting unvaccinated individuals to sit in its audience, the BBC Question Time programme did entirely as expected – gave pro-vaxxers the chance to promote a toxic, experimental jab that doesn’t do what people believe it does, and gave no real voice to those of us who have been telling the truth about the covid-19 jabs for over a year now.

`Question Time always strives to discuss each side of every argument,’ said the BBC (allegedly) in a statement.

That’s a bare-faced lie.

The BBC is demonstrably pro-vaccine.

Its admitted policy is to refuse airtime to anyone questioning any type of vaccination.

The BBC is paid for by taxpayers and by large unwilling members of the public who are bullied into paying an anachronistic licence fee.

The BBC Question Time programme was, predictably, one-sided.

A professional pro- vaxxer sat on the platform. I wonder if he has any medical qualifications or ever practised medicine. No idea. I can’t find him on the GMC‘s medical register.

And the TV audience will have noticed there was no medical doctor on the platform to question the covid jab.

I am being practical rather than immodest in arguing that was because the BBC knows that if I had been allowed onto the platform I could have completely destroyed the pro-vax arguments of their approved scientist.

(I’ve as much enthusiasm for appearing on a BBC programme as I would be to have root canal treatment but I’ve been studying and writing about vaccines for over 50 years. The BBC has hired me often enough in the past to know that but I suspect they’re too scared of upsetting the global elite and their financial partner Bill Gates to allow a proper debate.)

If there had been a proper debate the whole covid-19 jabbing nonsense would now be over.

But we fight on.

Do it legally but do NOT pay the BBC licence fee.

And boycott all mainstream media – including Talk Radio and GB News.

There isn’t a single mainstream media outlet that I trust.

But we can, and will, win this war without them.

And when we have won we will never forget their suppression of the truth, their demonization of the truth-tellers and their betrayal of the people.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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