Paris: Racist Capital of the World?

Vernon Coleman

The French Capital is now going to triple the taxes that foreign property owners must pay. That seems to me to be a racially motivated tax. If you aren’t French you pay three times as much as the French pay.

How can that possibly be legal?

Racism is, after all, defined as prejudice or discrimination against someone of a different race.

And how can it possibly fit in with EU law?

The EU is trying to introduce standard taxes across all member nations.

And Macron, who is already on course to be another despised French President, wants the EU to have the power to introduce standard taxes across EU countries.

So how can Paris introduce special taxes for Europeans who don’t happen to be French?

And, while we’re on this subject, why does Paris hate foreigners and tourists so much?

The new taxes will backfire.

Foreigners, now knowing that they are unwanted, will not travel to Paris.

Tourists (who provide the French city with much of its income) will stay away.

A fear of what else might happen will stop foreigners buying property in a city which already has the lowest capital city prices in the world.

There are said to be just 100,000 foreign property owners in Paris.

But my guess is that many of them are influential.

And the city just pissed them all off.

There is already talk of a boycott of the French capital by investors, businessmen and tourists.

(Though, sadly, tourism levels in Paris are down so much that I doubt if anyone would notice. Paris, always renowned for its rudeness to visitors has become even ruder and less welcoming in recent years. It is now known as the rip off capital of Europe.)

Finally, as an Englishman, I am rather peeved that the French want to punish me for having fallen in love with their capital city.

In the last century, foreigners twice saved Paris from the Germans.

You’d think that our Gallic chums (all of whom carry a white flag in their knapsack) would be just a teeny bit grateful, wouldn’t you?

Copyright Vernon Coleman