Rage against the Zombies

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When I go out I donít wear a mask, of course, though I do own a rather snazzy Zorro mask which I can fish out if requested.

I donít follow those `this way roundí signs either. Indeed I never see them. The other day I was asked if I thought the one way system in our local supermarket was easy to follow. I donít follow them, of course, not since I got shouted at by an apprentice Nazi storm trooper in a supermarket. I had to admit that I hadnít even seen any signs. Apparently they had signs pasted on the floor. Who, apart from cheapskates looking for dropped coins, walks around with their eyes looking at the floor?

And I donít do social distancing because itís stupid and about as necessary as doing the can-can in public which I have always tried to avoid since an unfortunate experience I had in Birmingham in 1964 and which will doubtless appear on Wikipedia now that Iíve mentioned it.

Almost inevitably I get the frosty looks from the morons wearing masks.

They stare at you, goggle eyed and disapproving and so I always grin back like an idiot. If they donít look away I give them my best 1000 yard stare and they usually hurry off.

But I am having more and more trouble with the cretins who are following the social distancing rules.

Earlier in the week I was about to enter a department store which had decided to open, and a woman at the door stopped me to give me instructions about how and where I could go and so on. And she told me they were following strict six feet six inches social distancing rules. (She said two metres of course but I donít do foreign stuff like metres.)

'Youíre not six feet away,í I pointed out, since she was about two feet away at the time.

The lock of horror on her face was a wonder. She leapt backwards and very nearly went through one of the plate glass windows. I thought she had done this in jest but I was assured that it was done in earnest.

And today I was merrily wandering along in the garden centre when a woman coming towards me suddenly did an amazing leap to her right. I swear she leapt four feet in one bound. When they introduce an event for the social distancing leap in the Olympics, which they no doubt will, she will win the gold, silver and bronze medals.

I used to be sympathetic and understanding towards these people.

But Iíve decided Iíve had enough.

Iím fed up with the sanctimonious, empty headed idiots who say, `oh it's a bit far fetched thinking this is all about compulsory jabs or population control or a cashless society or getting rid of the elderlyí.

And the ones who say: `Oh I know the politicians and that nice master Ferguson have made a few mistakes but they all mean wellí.

What do they think Bill Gates and Prince Charles are talking about when they and the rest of the World Economic Forum sneer and brag about a global reset of the economy, health care and everything else important? What is Soros planning? In simpler times there were just four horsemen of the apocalypse, today thereís a cavalry regiment of them lining up to inject us and suck us dry of our very humanity.

And I am fed up with the 12-year-old self-styled fact checkers who say that the claims about Gates and sticking needles into people are wrong.

There are widespread claims, for example, that 496,000 children were paralysed in India from the polio jabs from Bill bloody Gates. Itís no stretch for me to claim that Pablo Escobar did far more good for the world than Bill Gates. If and when Gates dies they will need to drive a stake through the bastardís heart Ė though they will need to find it first.

The WHO Ė which is partly funded by Gates of course, as is just about everything else including the BBC and that pompous, sanctimonious, hypocritical newspaper The Guardian (which was founded on money from slavery let us never forget) Ė has allegedly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly the Gates strain of polio. By 2018, three quarters of global polio cases were said to be derived from Gates. Indian Government investigators claimed that Gates people were guilty of pervasive ethical violations including bullying, forging consent forms and other bad, bad stuff. Yards of it. But fact checkers say these claims are untrue because `the Gates Foundation has debunked the claimí.

Thatís like saying Stalin didnít kill anyone because he said he didnít.

And itís the standard way that amateur fact checkers work.

They go straight to Gates or one of his paid for organisations or publications and they think thatís fact checking.

Children, fact checking means going back to source.

Talking of amateurs reminds me of Wikipedia where the entry with my name on it was changed dramatically and beyond recognition the day I recorded my first video. Anything notable was removed and really old, old stuff inserted.

For example, I am said to have been banned by an organisation called the Advertising Standards Authority. Well, the ASA is a private, organisation largely funded by big advertisers, which canít ban anyone from anything and which has itself been reported to the Office of Fair Trading. Decades ago, the meat trade complained to the ASA about an advert for a book of mine which proved that meat causes cancer. I offered the ASA 26 scientific papers proving that eating meat causes cancer. The ASA refused to look at any of the scientific papers and found for the complainant Ė the meat trade. It is of course a coincidence that the meat trade buys a lot of advertising. Exactly the same thing happened with another non statutory organisation, now long gone, called the Press Complaints Commission. Details of some of the scientific papers which the ASA refused to look at are on my website.

Incidentally, I wish the Wikipedia editor who keeps writing to me offering to improve the page for a hefty fee would stop bothering me.

It could be a good scam, though, couldnít it?

Wikipedia is edited by amateurs but they could make quite a lot of money. One editor demonises me on the page and then another editor puts back my achievements and charges me £500. I wouldnít bet against there being some Wikipedia editors making a good living doing that. A pair of editors could do well out of it.

Now that I know how it works I never use Wikipedia at all Ė in my experience it seems to be too easy for editors with a personal grudge to make changes to damage a reputation. And living individuals arenít allowed to correct errors or misleading material on the page with their name.

Another claim about Gates is that his foundation arranged for people to be given tetanus jabs laced with human chorionic gonadotrophin Ė to stop them getting pregnant. It is said it was part of a population control plan. Reducing the population is one of Gates pet projects.

The laced stuff was found in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines and the project was funded by two Gates funded organisations Ė the WHO and the World Bank, and if the fact checkers are interested they should just look at the National Library of Medicine in the US.

Incidentally, suspicions about these jabs organised by the population control people at the Gates Foundation were allegedly aroused when the anti-tetanus campaign was apparently promoted only to women of child bearing age and excluded men and children. Gosh, I wonder why anyone found that suspicious.

Gates, who has medical qualifications like Iím a nuclear physicist, reckons that jabbing people stops them having more children and will reduce the world population. The theory is that if they have two or three children living then they will stop having more. I donít really see how this would reduce the global population but Gates says it would and so half the worldís press merrily prints it and say how clever he is to just know this. Gates is so rich he didnít need to go to medical school he just made loads of money flogging software which I have always regarded as crappy and overpriced and appointed himself the worldís most important doctor.

Itís the mask wearing, social distancing zombies who are helping to wreck our lives. By putting up with the garbage dribbling out of the mouths of the idiot Hancock they are encouraging the nonsense and making things worse.

In the UK itís the school teachers refusing to go to work even though everyone with a bit of brain tissue knows the biggest danger theyíll face will be falling off their bicycles or puncturing a finger while buckling up their sandals. A statistician has worked out that the risk of a child under 15 dying from the coronavirus is one in 5.3 million. Even teachers admit that the rules are to protect them rather than children but they donít seem to have read the evidence showing that adults donít seem to catch the bug from children. Research published by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health found that children under the age of ten do not transmit the virus. A joint commission by the World Health Organisation and China could not find one case in the entire solar system of a child under ten infecting an adult.

If they are really worried, however, why not put plastic screens around the teachers?

Millions of children are going to be permanently damaged in every conceivable way because of these school closures. And there is absolutely no reason for schools to be closed.

Mind you, itís not just the teachers who want to keep schools closed. A poll showed that only 36% thought it was safe for schools to open on 1st June and so 64% of the population are completely moronic. Worse still 22% donít think it will be safe for schools to open in September.

One possible conclusion is that none of those people should be allowed to vote, drive cars or leave their homes without adult supervision.

But another interpretation is possible.

Maybe all those who want to keep our schools closed realise that teaching has deteriorated so much that children are better off staying at home. For years now children have been indoctrinated rather than taught. They have been told about the bureaucratic wonders of the fascist EU super-state and force fed all sorts of pseudoscientific garbage about global warming. Like so many geese being fattened up, pupils are filled up with bizarre sex education studies, and history teaching appears to have been designed to replace all the truths with politically correct dogmas.

If schools are going to stick to absurd, cruel and damaging social distancing nonsenses then many parents will want to home school their offspring Ė and who can blame them. Maybe we would all be better off if schools stayed shut permanently.

Iím fed up with demonstrators wearing masks while they are doing it Ė apparently not realising that the mask is today a sign of slavery to a corrupt system. The funny thing is that it used to be illegal to wear a mask at demonstrations because it made it difficult for police cameras. I daresay some of todayís demonstrators use their masks as a disguise. But why bother? The police donít care because, although the demonstrators donít realise it, the demonstrations suit the Governmentís sinister purposes.

The evidence proving that mask wearing is pointless just grows and grows. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published an article concluding that `we know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little if any protection from infectioní and `in many ways the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxietyí. In other words people are wearing masks because they are ignorant and stupid. I suggest that all those 8-year-olds writing `it's fake newsí websites for their paymasters might consider learning how to do proper research before sharing their brainless opinions with the rest of the world.

And what about spectacle wearers? They often find that their lenses steam up when theyíre wearing a mask. Thatíll be handy for motorists and bus drivers.

Talking of fake news inevitably reminds me of the BBC where I have just seen a headline which reads: coronavirus Ė social media spreading virus conspiracy theoriesí. I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw that. Has anyone at the BBC ever heard of black pots and black kettles?

The one jolly fact the BBC produced was that there have been just 3.5 million visitors to the widely promoted and undoubtedly expensively advertised websites run by the UK government and the NHS. This modest figure seems to prove that no one trusts the Government or the NHS about anything these days.

I am fed up with banks taking advantage of this fake crisis to try to force us to use internet banking. When things go wrong and all your money is stolen theyíll turn the other way, of course, and it will be your fault. Why are banks still only working part-time when zoos and hairdressers can open? Hairdressers have to get a damned sight closer to their customers than bank tellers. This 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. nonsense couldnít possibly be to force us to go online could it? So that they can say no one is using high street branches so they might as well close them.

The fact is that youíd have to be half witted to think that this so-called crisis was anything other than a conspiracy. As I have been screaming for months our lives are being destroyed not by a pesky virus but by the absurd and quite deliberate over-reaction to it. They need to keep us terrified so that weíre wound up nice and tight when theyíre ready to tell us that the jabby thing is ready. By then the zombies will be on both knees begging to be injected with something Ė anything.

Zombie leaders of the medical establishment are apparently warning of a second wave. Since the medical establishment warned that we would all be dead or dying of AIDS by the year 2000, we can safely ignore them. (I got into terrible trouble at the time for saying that the risk was exaggerated.)

The unthinking, unseeing zombies are making things worse by helping crooked governments and stupid scientists to destroy our lives for a pesky virus.

So in future I am going to take a pro active role in my dealings with the zombies. I intended to carry a bell with me and if they leap to one side follow them shouting `unclean, uncleaní until they race away in terror.

I have decided to wage war on the zombies.

Iím fed up with being understanding and sympathetic. Theyíre too bloody stupid for words. And it is partly their fault that our lives are so miserable. Without the compliant zombies we would not be living in an upside down world. And why would anyone want to live the way the zombies are content to live? It isnít living, itís enduring.

The coronavirus, as you all know, is no more dangerous than the flu. Thatís been my opinion since this whole fiasco started. But Iím not alone in thinking that.

Hereís another scientific paper I found in the New England Journal of Medicine (which is, unlike many medical journals, magazines and newspapers very decently making all its Covid-19 articles freely available). The paper is called Covid-19 Ė Navigating the Uncharted and one of the three authors is Dr Anthony S Fauci. The paper was published on March 26th

The authors conclude: `the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality of approximately 0.1%)í.

The significance of that paper is, of course, is that Dr Anthony Fauci is one of the lead members of the Trump Administrationís White House Coronavirus Task Force. He is the doctor usually seen on the TV alongside Trump.

Nothing in the scientific journals could have changed that point of view. Indeed, the statistics prove that it was an accurate prediction. Fauciís attitude since he wrote that paper has been puzzling to say the lease. But his paper in the New England Journal of Medicine>/i> is there for anyone to read.

I donít mind betting that the Daily Mail and the BBC missed that paper. It was a proper scientific paper in a proper scientific journal and so the juvenile fact checkers would have missed it too. There were some long words in it so no one at the BBC would have been able to understand it.

Finally, hereís my message for the day.

Next time you see a zombie in a mask, or social distancing, treat them like the buffoons and half-wits they are, laugh at them, boo them or in some way embarrass them because through their ignorance and their stupidity they are helping to destroy everything that is valuable in our world.

The zombies are enabling the deceitful bullies who are, I believe, destroying our society for their own gain; the empty headed zombies are endorsing the malicious wickedness which will result in millions of deaths and appalling poverty for decades.

The time has gone for patience, sympathy and understanding: the zombies are our enemies as much as the people pulling the strings.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 21st 2020

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