London Rally August 29th

Vernon Coleman

The coronavirus scare was always a hoax. And today, itís clear to anyone who looks at the facts that the coronavirus was never any more of a threat than the flu. It would make as much sense to sit it somewhere between measles and falling downstairs, as to brand it a dangerous plague.

Everything that governments are promoting is wrong headed and indefensible. Their lies, deceit and manipulations are reprehensible. I have repeatedly offered to debate vaccination with Government officials but the silence has been deafening. They wonít debate the issues because they know they will lose. Pro-vax conspirators are the biggest threat to health today.

But there are things we can do.

If your local Vlad the Impaler wants to test you point out that the tests are less than 50% accurate and produce more false positives than real positives. Governments keep testing, of course, because the inevitable positive results give them an excuse for more lockdowns. Tony Blair, Britainís most infamous war criminal, supports more testing so you know itís a dangerous, bad idea with an evil purpose. Personally, I prefer my home testing system which is perfectly safe, doesnít collect your DNA and guarantees a rather splendid 50% success rate. Pick a favourite coin. Decide if tails or heads are positive. Toss the coin. Catch it. And thereís your answer.

If anyone asks you to wear a mask remind them that masks have already killed children in China. Three boos for Commander Dick head of Londonís metropolitan police for telling the collaborators to shame those who arenít wearing masks. Presumably, she also intended the collaborators should shame the frail and the sick. Iím told sheís lurking behind one of the Trafalgar Squares lions, salivating with excitement as she waits to arrest the magnificently irrepressible Piers Corbyn for the 347th time. If he spends anymore time in police stations theyíll charge him rent.

Use the word collaborators to describe the mask wearing, social distancing, sanitising zombies. Itís a great psy op word and it will scare the Governmentís psychological warfare specialists because it demonises those who wear the masks and effectively defines them as part of the enemy. This is, after all, a war weíre fighting. A war for the survival of humanity. And as the French Resistance realised, the collaborators are part of the enemy.

Remember the FDA in the US has banned 149 hand sanitisers because they are very dangerous. If someone asks you to use their sanitiser ask them to check it isnít one of the dangerous ones.

If shops wonít take cash Ė then take your business elsewhere. Once theyíve got rid of cash they will own us and control us. If you find somewhere which only takes plastic, collect a huge pile of shopping and then leave it on the counter. If you refuse the vaccine they could cut off your access to your money.

And if your local Vlad the Impaler wants to vaccinate you demand that he or she give you a written guarantee that the vaccine is safe and effective Ė long-term. Let them see you write down the date, the batch number and the name of the person giving the vaccination. Tell them you will sue if you have any side effects. Remind them that governments around the world have already paid out billions in compensation for vaccine damage. Point out that Gates, who has boasted of bringing us the final solution, has demanded that the drug companies have legal immunity but that doctors can still be sued. If their legal defence companies go bust, individual doctors will have to pay out themselves. Point out that tens of thousands of doctors and nurses will probably go bankrupt.

This goes for the flu vaccine too which I also fear will genetically modify you. Incidentally, I donít know a single doctor who ever has a flu vaccine.

They want most of us dead, of course.

In England they are now putting automatic Do Not Resuscitate notices on the over 60s and on all the mentally and physically disabled whatever their age. In Scotland itís rumoured to be the over 45s who are left to die. So watch out for that. All part of the Agenda 21 programme to cut the world population.

The mask wearing collaborators are soon going to realise how bad things are very soon. In October, unemployment rates are going to hit 25% to 30%. And, tragically, around the world death rates are going to soar as millions die of diseases which should have been treated when hospitals were shut Ė all for a disease rapidly turning out to be a modest threat to the over 80s with two or three serious health problems but less dangerous than chickenpox for children.

I have spoken in Trafalgar Square on many occasions and Iím sorry I canít be there today.

The last time I spoke there was at a huge anti-hunting rally.

Shortly afterwards hunting in the UK was banned.

So letís hope that todayís rally is equally successful.

I genuinely fear that our civilisation is currently under real threat Ė both as a result of the plans of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum and through the evil work of unelected billionaires who seem to believe they have the right to impose their dangerous views on the rest of us. Theyíve had a lot of support, of course, from organisations such as the BBC and The Guardian Ė and other media groups which have done financial deals with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Make no mistake - if we are forced to accept vaccines which result in genetic modification of the human body then the changes will be permanent and multi-generational.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media Ė and fight the lies.

Those of you who watch my rapidly disappearing YouTube videos know that I always end by saying `Please remember, although you may feel like it at times, you are not on your own. More and more people are waking upí. Well, today you can see the proof. We definitely are not alone. Together we will win this war. Thanks for watching an old man in a chair.

Vernon Coleman August 28th 2020