Real Hope for No Deal

Vernon Coleman

Politicians and commentators claim that there is now no chance of Britain leaving the EU without a deal being agreed. Our pathetic Prime Minister, cowering in her bunker and seemingly pleading for pity, has (with the help of a bunch of cabinet members and treacherous MPs) damned near destroyed Britain. She has created a divide that will last for generations. She has damaged our economy and made us a laughing stock.

But I think the people who think there is no chance of our leaving without a deal are wrong.

If the Brexit Party has a huge success in the European elections, and the Tory and Labour parties are severely punished, there is an excellent chance that MPs will realise that they are in danger.

The House of Commons is full of treacherous, two faced, lying Remainers.

But those Remainers care more for themselves than they care for the EU.

They know that the only way to get an acceptable deal through Parliament is to have a general election and allow Leavers to vote in some decent replacement politicians. Half our MPs will lose their jobs and find themselves unemployable.

But rather than allow that to happen they will change their minds and vote through a `No Dealí arrangement.

Our hopes rest upon the greed and self-serving hypocrisy of the members of the House of Commons.

So, we should be OK!

Copyright Vernon Coleman 23rd May 2019

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