What Are Remain Voters Really Like?

Vernon Coleman

Itís long been a puzzle.

Who are the people who want Britain to stay in the European Union?

Who, apart from a bunch of mouthy and ignorant celebrities and paid for politicians, could possibly be barmy enough to wave an EU flag with enthusiasm?

Well, my friends at the Institute have done a comprehensive study of those who believe that Britainís membership of the EU is a GOOD thing.

And they have found that EU believers:

1. Read the Guardian newspaper and believe what they see and hear on the BBC.
2. Hate Christmas because it is an offensive religious festival.
3. Loathe England and the English.
4. Have a lower than average IQ. (Most EU supporters have an IQ of between 90 and 100.)
5. Enjoy hobbies such as shooting song birds.
6. Believe in State Control rather than democracy.
7. Claim that Hitler and the Nazi party have been treated unfairly by historians.
8. Believe in capital punishment.
9. Are fervent believers in the principles of fascism.
10. Were keen purchasers of Google Glasses and the Apple Watch.

Copyright Vernon Coleman