What being BANNED really means

Dr Vernon Coleman

Since I started sharing the truth about the covid fraud two years ago my career and my life have been destroyed. Hereís what has happened. And, remember, all I have done is to share the truth.

Iíve been banned from all mainstream media. I used to write columns for the national press around the world Ė and make programmes for national TV and radio stations. Now the press, TV and radio just abuse me, libel me and lie about me. Editors Iíve known for years ignore me completely because they are too frightened to use my work and, I suspect, too ashamed to say why.

Iíve been lied about on Wikipedia and Google (who decided that I was discredited and a conspiracy theorist because they objected to my publishing the truth.)

Iíve been banned from Facebook (I was never allowed to join- they said it was considered that I would be a threat to the Facebook community).

Iíve been banned from Twitter (I was never allowed to join).

Iíve been banned from Linkedin (I was expelled for telling the truth).

Iíve been banned from YouTube (I was expelled for telling the truth Ė they never showed that I had got anything wrong. Oddly I was thrown off YouTube a year or so after making my last video on covid for the site). YouTube has even banned me from accessing their site.

Iíve been banned from Smashwords and other online publishers. (I was banned for telling the truth and eBooks which they had published simply disappeared completely.)

All my books have been banned in China (where they were bestsellers)

All my books have disappeared in Germany (where they were bestsellers)

I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts because some members didnít agree with my telling the truth Ė or the fact that I had been attacked on the BBCís Panorama one-sided programme. I was not invited to defend myself on air because the BBC boasts that it wonít ever give airtime to those questioning vaccination `whether theyíre right or wrongí. Criticising me for being demonised on Panorama is like criticising someone for being struck by lightning or, more accurately, being mugged.

Iíve been banned from buying ads for my books (by everyone except The Light newspaper).

Fake channels in my name have appeared on social media (e.g. Telegram Ė which wonít remove the fakes, though I have protested repeatedly.)

Each month there are around 3,000 attempts to hack into/destroy my website ww.vernoncoleman.com (which is taken down regularly) and each month there are around 3,000 attempts to hack into/destroy my website www.vernoncoleman.org

My websites are hidden on search engines. Local censorship has resulted in a dramatic fall in website visitors from a number of countries.

Many months ago, Muhammad Butt, the founder of BrandNewTube (where my remaining videos can be found) was told to stop me making videos or BrandNewTube would be closed down. Bravely, Muhammad ignored the threat and moved the platform out of the UK to avoid the UK authorities.

Sadly, platforms have become a breeding ground for libellous, scurrilous and inaccurate attacks. Although I turn off the `commentsí section, others who copy my videos leave the comments switched on Ė thereby giving a platform for abusers. (One individual threatened to kill me which was charming.)

Scores of self-appointed Factcheckers around the world have lied about me and accused me of spreading misinformation. In fact I have made over 300 videos and written around 1,000 articles on covid and no one has yet found any factual errors Ė or errors in the predictions Iíve made.

This is what being banned really means. Itís been done to silence me and prevent me from reaching out to people but also to demoralise me and to dissuade other doctors from speaking out.

Looked at objectively, Iíve spent the last two years of my life systematically destroying my career and my health. The conspirators have removed my past, battered my present and destroyed my future.

And just to top it all off, I am regularly abused and libelled by users of social media who lie and make up libels with a vicious abandon that makes me suspect that at least some of them are members of the 77th Brigade. Many appear to have no medical or scientific qualifications whatsoever but clearly believe that hubris is a decent alternative to knowledge and experience. Oh and Iíve received one threatened lawsuit. (You wouldnít believe where it came from!)

When I made a video entitled `When will they shut down the internet?í on 30th of June 2021 ( click here to view) my websites were receiving between 1,750 and 2,000 hacking attempts each month. Today, that number has increased massively Ė with much of the hacking coming from government departments around the world.

I fear the `freeí internet will not last much longer. Websites will be removed en masse if they are used to question the conspirators. All that will be left will be YouTube with a high earning collection of video makers, meekly following the party line and being well rewarded for supporting the conspirators.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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