The Real Reason for the Climate Change Nonsense

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The real reason for the whole organised ‘climate change’ panic is that the oil is running out.

No politician or bureaucrat dares mention that within a generation we will be largely dependent for our power on the wind, the sea and the sun for fear of causing a widespread panic.

As I pointed out in my book Oil Apocalypse it was oil which made us all rich because it enabled us to do far more than before.

Oil powered lorries, tractors and ships have transformed the economy of the rich countries.

Now that the oil is running out we have to save what oil is left. And so we must cut out unnecessary aeroplane travel, eschew plastic bags and share our cars with homicidal strangers.

Meat is a problem because the rearing of cattle to produce steaks and burgers specially fattened up for large people requires far more land and far more energy than the world would need if more people became vegetarian. Moreover, the greenhouse gases produced by farmed cattle are a major source of alleged global warming.

The latest nonsense from Global Warming Conspiracy Theorists such as Bonio and Prince Charles (who keep flying around the world warning everyone that the planet is getting hotter and that we should all take our holidays in Bognor Regis) means that shops have to charge five pence per bag for those flimsy plastic supermarket bags that cost about a penny a thousand to make. This probably makes the bags the most profitable item supermarkets sell.

It is, of course, yet another part of the plan to distract us from the real problem, which is that the oil is running out and so we are going to have to learn to manage without petroleum or petroleum products because the stuff which is left will be required by the world’s armies since you can’t move tanks or fly planes without oil.

The global warming mythologists want to trick us into believing that the world’s temperature is going up because we carry our shopping in plastic bags and that the only way to save ourselves from melting ice, rising seas, global flooding and general mayhem and disaster is to stop using plastic bags and to spend our holidays at home rather than flying to somewhere foreign.

There is much talk that the oil still in the ground will be left where it is (as unusable ‘stranded assets’) but in truth there is no chance whatsoever that this will happen.

The world’s armed forces will always require oil to move machinery, men and bombs around and so armies everywhere will ensure that the oil is available to them. Can you imagine how fast or far a solar powered tank would travel? How many air force chiefs will be happy to rely on wind powered bombers?

No, the oil is running out, and the politicians and bankers who promote the Global Warming nonsense are simply trying to get us used to a new way of living.

But they are doing it with arrogant dishonesty.

Taken from The Return of the Disgruntled Man by Vernon Coleman, available on Amazon

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016