The Recycling Scandal

Vernon Coleman

I have the utmost contempt for the whole recycling business which has made life miserable for millions – for no good reason.

Recycling enthusiasts encourage us to wash out bottles and cartons. This wastes water – the most valuable resource on the planet.

Recycling enthusiasts relentlessly approve the production of endless numbers of plastic boxes and containers. The recycling industry is now one of the biggest users of plastic on the planet.

Recycling enthusiasts tell us to put our waste food in boxes outside our homes. The inevitable result is that the number of rats in the country is increasing dramatically. And the rats are bigger, tougher and more dangerous than ever. Also, when we bring in our waste food boxes, our hands are inevitably contaminated with other people’s bugs. The recycling industry is a major cause of serious infection.

The recycling nonsense was introduced by eurocrats in Brussels in order to take closer control over our lives. They forced local councils to take part by fining them millions if they did not take part in their mad schemes.

Now councils have found ways to make money out of recycling. Last year seven million people in the UK were fined for putting their bins out at the wrong time.

But I bet your sanctimonious council didn’t bother to tell you that in the last six years the UK has spent £900 million (and a good deal of energy) sending waste over to Europe.

What did they do with it all?

They burnt it.

When we leave the EU, we can stop all this recycling nonsense and get back to once a week bin collections.

That’s something we should all cheer.

It will be safer, cheaper and much, much better for the environment.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018