Why the Remain Camp Lost the Referendum (and Should Stop Whingeing)

by Vernon Coleman

The Remainers had the power and the money. They thought they’d got the vote in the bag. The result was a shock to most politicians.

No one prepared for an OUT vote because the Brexiteers did not think they could win and the Remainers did not think they could lose.

It is, nevertheless, now extraordinary to see how our politicians have made something which should have been very simple (leaving the EU) become something very difficult.

(And, incidentally, Cameron had to promise a referendum on the EU issue. Without the promise of a referendum, Cameron would not have won the general election because a vast number of eurosceptic Tory voters would have voted for UKIP candidates. Cameron only became Prime Minister because he promised a referendum.)

There are still many people around the world who find it difficult to understand how the Remainers managed to lose.

There are many reasons.

First, there was far too much bullying. The British don’t like being bullied. George Osborne’s constant threats did far more harm than good. As did the guff from the ex-Goldman Sachs wanker who now appears to me to be running the Bank of England into the ground. Recruiting foreign leaders to tell us how to vote also did far more harm than good. Osborne’s threatened ‘punishment budget’ did far more damage than anything else the Remain side came up with.

Second, the establishment refused to recognise immigration as a serious issue. By dishonestly describing anyone concerned with the issue of unlimited immigration as ‘racist’, politicians alienated huge chunks of the population who are not racist but who believe that mass immigration is changing the culture and nature of our society and affecting the capacity of our infrastructure (health service, schools, roads, etc.) to cope. Here are a few basic facts about immigration which seem to have escaped the attention of those who still want us to remain in the EU. British politicians ignore or dismiss these facts (which affect their lives hardly at all – to them an immigrant is just another cheap maid or gardener) but the voters understand their significance and though very few of them are racist most realise that if immigration continues at its present rate then our overcrowded island will soon be unbearable.

a) Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor and a devout Muslim has described moderate Muslim groups as ‘Uncle Toms’. He apologised for this during the Mayoral campaign. But he still said it (to Iranian backed TV).
b) Justine Greening MP and Ian McKellen, the actor, are just two well-known homosexuals who support the EU and, presumably, its immigration policies.
c) Sharia Law, as favoured by many Muslim countries, preaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication which is punishable by death. It was been widely suggested that Sharia Law should be introduced into Britain (though as far as I know no one has suggested that British law be introduced into any Muslim country).
d) In 1991, there were under 1 million Muslims in Britain. Thanks to the EU there are now over 3 million Muslims in Britain. In parts of London, 40% of the population is Muslim. In the next decade, the Government expects another 10 million immigrants – mostly Muslim – to enter the country.
e) In February 2016, a Muslim Women’s group wrote to Jeremy Corbyn complaining that female Muslims were being prevented from becoming Labour councillors by Muslim men in the party.
f) In a number of Muslim countries, the punishment for women who commit adultery is to be stoned to death.
g) The EU has encouraged unlimited immigration – despite the strains this puts on communities throughout Europe.
h) One of Khan’s first acts as Mayor of London was to ban ‘body shaming’ ads which show pictures of semi-clothed women.
i) When the Government gives immigration figures it always gives net immigration figures – that is the number of immigrants coming in, minus the number of Britons leaving the country. The fact is that the number of Britons emigrating is massive and there are now 4 million mostly educated, skilled, tax paying Britons living abroad. The whole nature of our society is changing at breakneck speed.
j) Female genital mutilation (the removal of the clitoris and sometimes more) is common in Muslim countries where many believe it is required by their religion. It is now commonly performed in the UK. (NHS Choices now has a large section dealing with FGM on its website.)
k) In order to satisfy the requirements of Muslim pupils, many schools now serve only halal meat – meat taken from animals who were killed by having their throats cut. Some countries have banned halal meat but Cameron vowed never to outlaw the practice in the UK. Animal experts such as the RSPCA, claim the practise is painful and distressing. Schools have however banned the use of pork and bacon because it is unacceptable to Muslim pupils.
l) A young Muslim man who raped a girl was let off after he told the judge, in mitigation, that he had been taught to regard women as nothing more than lollipops, existing solely for his pleasure.

Third, millions of people loathe all politicians. They wanted to give the political class a bloody nose. This was a wonderful and clearly irresistible opportunity to give hundreds of loathed politicians a firm kick up the backside.

Fourth, the Remainers recruited some very strange helpers. Tony Blair, John Major and Emily Thornberry lost the Remain camp far more votes than they won. Emily Thornberry is the only woman in Britain who makes Britons think that the full face burka is a good idea. London will be a happier, more attractive place when she wears one and sits down and keeps quiet. Cameron might as well have dug up Ted Heath (who signed us up to the common market) and Adolf Hitler (whose idea it was) and pushed them round in a wheelbarrow as rely on Blair and Major. And did anyone seriously think that David Beckham’s endorsement was going to make a difference?

Fifth, several rancid Remainers claimed that only fascists wanted to leave the EU. This was world class spin. The truth, of course, is that the EU was founded by Nazis and is now the most fascist organisation ever created.

Sixth, scaremongering spokespersons for the police and security services claimed that leaving the EU would make it more difficult for the police to catch terrorists. This was and is patent bollocks. Leaving the EU will not mean that British telephone lines will no longer connect to other countries. Leaving the EU will make absolutely no difference to our ability to catch terrorists but it will make it far easier for us to stop them coming into the country. This sort of nonsense annoyed many voters.

Seventh, the Remainers dismissed those wanting to leave the EU as ‘Little Englanders’, as though this were a term of abuse. If you look at the history of the term you will find that the original ‘Little Englanders’ simply wanted to stop telling other people how to run their countries. Those who opposed ‘Little Englanders’ were colonialists who wanted to run the world. I wonder how many Guardian readers now consider themselves to be colonialists?

Eighth, Jeremy Corbyn, the tramp of politics, was our secret weapon. He couldn’t be more out of touch with reality if he lived on a diet of LSD and crack cocaine. The man’s appearance, demeanour and attitude are symptoms of deep disrespect for the electorate.

Ninth, Nicola Sturgeon’s increasingly absurd posturing and threatening behaviour has alienated millions of English voters (who would now welcome Scottish independence and would enjoy watching what happened afterwards). Sturgeon has always seemed to me to be a small person in every sense of the word and to me she now seems bitter and irritable and as rancid as last month’s butter. A very poor loser. She reminds me of a 25-year-old child threatening to leave home (but only if Mum and Dad continue to pay all the bills). Sturgeon cannot fix a second independence referendum. The EU doesn’t want Scotland because it is too poor. And Sturgeon cannot block the British referendum. Sturgeon really needs to learn how to lose. It is something she is going to be doing a lot of in the months and years ahead.

Tenth, the Remain campaign’s support came largely from people who weren’t passionate about the issue and who knew very little about the EU – and how it has destroyed our culture and our way of life. These supporters turned out to be so disconnected from reality that many couldn’t remember the date by which voting registration had to be completed – and so the date had to be altered to help the Remain campaign. These immature supporters are now moaning because they lost the vote. Their pitiful whingeing does nothing to advance their cause or to endear them to wiser generations.

Eleventh, the Remain camp has tried to demonise Brexit supporters as mainly being ‘old people’ as though being old diminishes a person’s rights. The fact is, of course, that it is only older members of the population who remember how much better life was before we were tricked into joining the European Union.

So, that’s why the Remainers lost.

And it’s why we won.

And it is also why we must show no mercy.

The nation voted to leave the EU and that is what the country wants.

To accommodate the wishes of the Remainers would be a betrayal of the majority who voted for Brexit.

Would the Remainers have been sympathetic to our feelings?

Would they have offered to come out of the EU a little bit to make us feel better?

No, of course, they would not.

Those of us who despise the EU and everything it stands for have been disenfranchised for over 40 years. And those who love the EU have ignored our fears.

We should now ignore their protestations.

The British people have voted to leave the EU. So be it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman
27th June 2016

Note: We won the war but Britain still has to deal with fifth columnists who are working with and for our enemies in Brussels. I will continue writing exclusively on this website until we have successfully left the EU and re-established our freedom and our sovereignty. Copyright Vernon Coleman June 25th 2016

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