Remainers Will Destroy Britain to Protect the EU

Vernon Coleman

The risk of Corbyn being able to form a Government is being massively underestimated.

If the general election on December 12th results in a hung Parliament then the chances are that Corbyn will be Prime Minister.

The lefties who run the Labour Party will do deals with the SNP and the Illiberal Undemocrats.

And an alliance led by the Labour party will rule the country.

Do you really want to live in a country with Diane Abbott as Home Secretary and Jo Swinson as Foreign Secretary? Lammy will probably be running the Ministry of Education. The Thornbury woman will probably have all white van owners arrested on sight.

No rational person with a functioning brain would vote for Corbyn.

But he will become Prime Minister if we have a hung Parliament.

And that is perfectly possible.

The Nazi loving Remainers have proved that they will happily destroy Britain to protect the EU.

The Remainers are loyal only to Hitler’s memory and his posthumous legacy – the EU. It is their treachery which will give us a communist government – and destroy Britain.

P.S. The risk of a Corbyn Government is already discounted by the markets. That’s one of the reasons why the UK stock market is cheap. If the Conservatives win the stock market will rise by at least 20% in relief. If there is a hung Parliament then all bets are off and shares will probably collapse still further.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019