Have The Remainers Won?

Vernon Coleman

So, have the hardline Remainers won?

Will the Nazis get to rule Britain?

Things are looking bad.

We may get some version of Brexit.

But unless we fight hard, the chances are that it will be so soft and flabby that it will be worthless. The deal we get will be even worse than the deal Theresa May has tried to get through Parliament. Parliament will do its best to ensure that we will be servants in a vassal state – owned by the eurocrats.

When we won the Referendum, we wrongly assumed that the Government and Parliament would behave decently and properly.

We shouldn’t have trusted them.

We should have kept up the pressure every day after the Referendum was won.

The fact is that the neo Nazis who run the EU and the British Government were never willingly going to let us leave the EU. The Government, Parliament, the Civil Service and the media (led by the BBC) have been working towards this end from the day after the Referendum.

The majority of our MPs have betrayed us.

Every MP who voted against leaving the EU without a deal is a traitor. Throwing away our main negotiating card meant that we were helpless.

There are relatively few Remainers in Britain today. No sane person can possibly still believe in the EU. Leavers are in the majority.

But our MPs and our Establishment are determined that Brexit will be lost.

MPs won’t risk another Referendum because they’d lose that.

So they will simply do everything they can to ensure that we stay in the EU.

I don’t believe there has ever been a sadder time in our history.

However, if the Remainers think we’re going to lie down they are mistaken.

There will be consequences.

In the 2017 general election, 85% of the votes cast were for parties which promised Brexit and defined it as leaving the single market, the customs union and the ECJ.

MPs who stood for the Conservative and Labour parties and who have attempted to frustrate Brexit are fraudsters. Their political careers are over.

And if the Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had allows the Remainers to frustrate Brexit then we will carry on fighting.

For starters, we can demand a Second Referendum.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

MPs are complaining that they receive abuse. What did they expect? Our Remainer MPs (and celebrity Remainers) deserve to be treated like the very worst variety of paedophiles. They hate our country so why don’t they bugger off and live somewhere else?