How EU Employees are Forced to Remain Loyal

Vernon Coleman

Employees of the EU are extraordinary well paid and in addition to huge tax free salaries, incredibly short working hours, long holidays and perks that would astonish employees anywhere else, the EUís employees are also entitled to massive pensions (which are paid for by Europeís taxpayers).

There is, however, one oddity.

Former employees of the EU must remain completely loyal to the EU if they wish to continue to receive their pension. They must be loyal and they must never offer any criticism of the organisation. (The views of former EU employees should be considered with this in mind.)

Can you imagine employees of any other organisation being prepared to put up with such a rule?

The unions would, rightly, create an uproar if, for example, former employees of the National Health Service might lose their pensions if they dared to criticise the organisation.

But this is how the EU operates.

Inconvenient truths must always be suppressed.

The EU, like the Nazis, believes in using fear, deceit, misdirection and bullying to defend itself.

Taken from The Shocking History of the EU by Vernon Coleman, available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019