Replies to the Liars, the Shills and the Backstabbers

Dr Vernon Coleman

Since I started making videos and writing about covid-19 I have, like most people whoíve been mad enough to put their head above the parapet, found myself the target of a great deal of abuse and a good many lies. Iíve been accused of being anti-Semitic, Jewish and a freemason. Iíve been accused of not being a doctor but, at the same time, somehow having contrived to be struck off the medical register. Although I have, since early in 2020, offered to debate the facts with any senior Government advisor, I have been banned completely from mainstream media so any debate has been impossible. The ban has not, however, prevented pro-establishment critics from lying about me and libelling me quite freely.

Some of the lies come from specialist propagandists such as the British Armyís 77th Brigade while many merely quote the lies on Wikipedia Ė a site which seems to me to be as reliable a source of information as graffiti scrawled on playground walls and widely believed by knowledgeable experts to be controlled by government agencies such as the CIA. Google reproduces the Wikipedia lies as though there were facts. I strongly suggest that anyone who believes that Wikipedia is reliable should read Larry Sangerís book entitled Essays on Free Knowledge. Larry Sanger was, of course, the co-founder of Wikipedia and is now extremely critical of the integrity of the site he helped create.

The mainstream media have been outrageous. Iíve been attacked, quite unreasonably by the BBC and Sky TV and more newspapers than I can count. A journalist called Dan Sales, working for MailOnline, said recently that I wrongly claim to be a doctor. This is obviously untrue. It would have taken Sales no more than a minute to see that I am medically qualified and worked as a GP. So is Sales a very poor journalists who cannot research his stories properly or was he deliberately misleading his readers because he or his employer disapprove of my airing truths about covid-19 and the covid-jab? Either way Mr Sales should be ashamed.

(Incidentally, some of the uneducated liars who spew libels all over Twitter and so on seem to believe that it is, for example, my responsibility to prove that I have not (for example) been struck off the medical register. They are wrong. If I sue them for libel then they have to prove their allegation is correct. And since they canít they are doomed to lose.)

Tragically, many of the lies and much of the most absurd (and yet damaging) abuse comes from individuals who claim to be opposed to the covid-19 fraud. (I first described the coronavirus nonsense as a hoax in the middle of March 2020. That video was, of course, censored and removed by YouTube Ė though it is still available. I now prefer to use the word `fraudí.) This backstabbing is particularly tragic because if we do not work together we have no hope of winning this war. Our enemies do not fight among themselves and we cannot afford to do so. (You donít see Whitty criticising Vallance for his share-holding in GSK, for example.) Some nitpicking halfwits have clearly not bothered to listen to the videos about which they complain. Others simply use videos to promote their crooked money making projects.

My great sadness is that by turning off the comments on my videos I am deprived of receiving kind messages from the vast majority of viewers. That is a real downside because I know there are a lot of lovely people out there. The problem is that whenever I turn on the comments the liars and the nutters come back in hordes. I can delete the lies and abuse (though it isnít much fun) but it takes too much time. Iím working flat out to research, write and record and looking for and deleting the gibberish from brain-dead haters would take up more time than Iím prepared to spend on them.

I am, however, enormously grateful to the kind readers and viewers who stick up for me and defend me against the liars and shills on those sites which (with permission) copy my videos and allow comments to be posted. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

Here are some of the commonest lies and abusive nonsense which Iíve noticed. It is noticeable incidentally that the lies and abuse have increased in recent weeks.

Lie: I am not a doctor.

Truth: I am a fully qualified doctor. I used to work as a GP but retired some year ago.

Lie: Iíve been struck off the medical register.

Truth: I have never been struck off the medical register. Like many thousands of other doctors I voluntarily relinquished my licence after my retirement. Maintaining a licence requires time consuming bureaucracy and chunky fees. The bureaucratic requirements mean that it is, indeed, pretty well impossible for any retired doctor to keep his licence and many thousands of older doctors have relinquished their licences.

Lie: I have been discredited.

Truth: I have only been labelled as `discreditedí by unnamed editors of Wikipedia. Their lie was quoted in several newspapers and then referenced by Wikipedia. A neat but entirely dishonest trick which seems to me to be quite typical of Wikipedia.

Lie: All my books have been self-published. This comment is made as though it is an insult.

Truth: I have had books published by more than a dozen British mainstream publishers and by scores of publishers around the world. But whatís wrong with self-publishing?

Lie: I am an anti-vaxxer.

Truth: I have, for over 50 years, researched and questioned medical practices. I have pointed out that many vaccination programmes have never been properly tested and are neither safe nor effective. This does not make me an anti-vaxxer.

Lie: I am a conspiracy theorist.

Truth: The individuals who have lied to the public are conspiracy practitioners. I have merely exposed their lies.

Lie: I am a freemason.

Truth: I know virtually nothing about freemasonry. The idea that I would be accepted into any secret organisation is laughable.

Lie: I am anti-Semitic.

Truth: I have never harboured anti-semitic feelings or expressed anti-semitic views.

Lie: I am Jewish and therefore part of some global conspiracy.

Truth: I am a baptised and confirmed member of the Christian church Ė though I am embarrassed and ashamed of the way the church has behaved during the last eighteen months. Closing churches was never necessary and is unforgiveable.

Lie: I make a lot of money out of my videos.

Truth: The people who say this have never watched any of my videos. I have made it clear from the first video I made in March 2020 that my videos were not monetised and would never be monetised. This is because I do not want advertisements (which I cannot control) placed on or next to them. I have never accepted advertisements for my websites. My campaigning since March 2020 has cost me my reputation, my career and a considerable sum of money. Iíve written five books in the last 18 months. Three of them have been given away free to English language readers. The other two have been sold at low prices and have not brought in enough money to cover my expenses.

Lie: Iím too soft on the drug companies.

Truth: I doubt if there is anyone in the world who is a bigger enemy of the drug companies. My first books The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors were published in the 1970s and contained blistering attacks on the pharmaceutical industry, research industry and medical establishment. The drug companies have regarded me as a dangerous enemy for fifty years and have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to silence me. They have sued me, sent me injunctions, attempted to have me sacked by papers and magazines and tricked and deceived to suppress the truth. They have successfully prevented me speaking to medical audiences. Drug industry bosses (many of whom are now being feted as our saviours) make Pablo Escobar look kindly and warm-hearted. I find it difficult to trust them even when, in `retirementí (after many well-paid years of service in a corrupt industry and still enjoying fat drug money pensions) they claim to have `seen the lightí.

Lie: The video on which I cried was fake. Truth: This is one of the most offensive lies. It was my third attempt to record that video. I was upset by the information I was sharing. My wife insisted that we shouldnít edit out the emotion because she thought it would help people to feel less alone in their suffering.

Lie: That because I occasionally use the word `vaccineí I donít know that the mRNA products are different.

Truth: I use the words `jabí and `injectioní and I always try to use the word `experimentalí ahead of the word `vaccineí when referring to these substances. But if we never use the word `vaccineí then many of the people we are trying to reach will not understand what we are talking about. There is the added advantage that by questioning the covid-19 experimental vaccine we are also bringing into peopleís minds the thought that all vaccines might be questionable. And thatís important. Scores of vaccines are being used without having been adequately tested.

Lie: I donít know what is going on because I never mention 5G and so on.

Truth: Iíve been writing about electromagnetic fields and the dangers of phones and phone masts since the 1980s (check out my book Superbody). But this is a communication war. We have to keep things as simple as possible.

Lie: I was wrong about AIDS in the 1980s when I said the risk had been exaggerated.

Truth: I havenít written about AIDS for thirty years or more apart from to suggest that labelling people with TB as AIDS patients is being done to sustain a huge AIDS industry. Everything I said or wrote then was absolutely accurate and based on the available scientific evidence. In the 1980s the establishment warned that by the year 2000 every family would be touched by AIDS. The risks were clearly exaggerated and at one point the UK had more AIDS counsellors than AIDS patients. I successfully countered what was clearly an officially run fear and scare campaign.

Lie: A lot of people watch my videos and read my websites and therefore I must be part of the enemy.

Truth: This is the most stupid and offensive lie of all. Weíve worked almost every hour of every day for eighteen months to build up an audience and Iíve used all the knowledge acquired from a lifetime working for newspapers and television to help me reach as many people as possible.

And then, of course, there are the exosome enthusiasts who attack anyone who uses the word `virusí or who suggests (as I have proved) that covid-19 is a rebranded flu bug.

These folk seem to think they have discovered something new, though the theory has been around for longer than most of the enthusiasts have been tying their own shoelaces, if indeed they have mastered that tricky procedure.

The bottom line is that it doesnít matter if covid-19 came from a laboratory or a bat or fell off the back of a lorry or doesnít even exist at all.

What we are fighting are the lies and the oppression which are built upon the exaggerated threat.

And backstabbing those of us who are fighting a dangerous war will do no good at all.

For eighteen months now my aim has been to convince more of the unconvinced that we are right and that their governments are wrong. Thatís not easy. We have to fight cognitive dissonance and group think. We have to fight brainwashing and propaganda experts.

And, to be blunt, if in addition to talking about a real conspiracy we also try to convince the public that viruses donít exist then we will never convince them that we are right.

Many of those who claim to be opposed to the covid fraud lie and moan and whinge about those fighting the war but never actually do anything useful themselves. They never make videos or write useful articles. They never print out thousands of leaflets and post them off or put them through letter boxes (as we have been doing for months). They donít run websites which cost time and money to maintain. They never make the effort to attend marches and demonstrations. They post their sneaky little lies (anonymously of course) but they never do anything that will help in the war. They sidle out of dark alleys and plunge knives into the backs of those who are fighting Ė and then they scurry back into the darkness. They are contemptible and they threaten our success and, therefore, our freedom, our humanity and our very existence.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021