Retribution: The Beginning

Vernon Coleman

They really don’t think we matter. They think they can ride roughshod over us and that we’ll lie down and say nothing. They think it’s their country, not ours. They think their seats in the House of Commons give them rights and privileges over the rest of us.

Remainer MPs are (like Remainers in general) an arrogant, dangerously stupid bunch of bastards.

In the beginning it was fair to say that the Remainers were merely misguided and ignorant. They didn’t understand how much damage the EU had done to Britain or the rest of Europe. And they certainly didn’t understand how it had been created by men who had made their fortunes out of Auschwitz.

But today no one with more than a spoonful of functioning brain tissue can possibly believe that membership of the EU is a good thing. The EU has cost us billions and has wrecked our country.

So why are there any Remainers left?

I always found it difficult to understand why anyone ever wanted Britain to stay in the EU.

But I now find it impossible to understand why anyone would want to stay in an organisation which has treated us with such total contempt. Why would anyone want to stay linked to Ireland, a runt of a country which has leeched off us for decades and which seems to delight in doing us harm? Why would anyone want to stay linked to tinpot countries such as France and Germany? Why would anyone want to stay in an organisation, with no democratic pretensions, determined to rule the whole of Europe?

Our Remainer politicians (led by Frau May) have made us hated throughout Europe. Thanks to a weak Tory Government and a positively treacherous Labour Opposition we are sneered at, laughed at and everywhere.

So who the hell are the Remainers?

Well, there are the psychos, the lunatics and the morons, of course.

There are a good few who probably believe that the Nazis did a good job. Parliament contains a good number who doubtless practise their goose-stepping and their Heil Hitler salutes in their bedrooms.

There are the young who have been brain washed at school and college and who through a mixture of ignorance, naivety and misinformation believe that the EU organisation is a `good thing’.

Next, there are the ex-employees of the European Union. Former commissioners and so on are obliged to defend and support the EU if they wish to retain their enormously generous pensions.

Then there are the representatives of large international organisations (many of them foreign) who know that one of the EU’s main reasons for its existence is to defend and protect the interests of large companies (particularly those with links to Germany). The EU responds quickly and readily to lobbyists operating on behalf of these large companies. Large American financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, which have little or no interest in Britain, British culture or the British people, frequently take a strong line on Britain’s membership of the European Union and this can only be for internal commercial reasons.

And, of course, there are the celebrities and show business folk who support the EU because they do not wish to upset the BBC or other major media players. Most of the celebrities who endorse the EU have worked for the BBC and, therefore, taken EU money. I wonder how many of them have the faintest idea why and how the EU came into being. Many are simply too dim to understand why the EU exists. Most have never bothered to do any research into the background of the organisation which they so enthusiastically endorse.

Finally, there are those for whom personal and business interests come above national interests.

I suspect that Remainer MPs now fall into this category.

The majority of elected Parliamentarians seem less interested in the views of the people who put them into the Palace of Westminster (and who pay their vast salaries) than in their own enthusiasms and financial advantage. I suspect that many MPs who support the EU are hoping to get good jobs with the EU or with Goldman Sachs or one of the other evil banks. They see how much money Tony Blair has made and they think to themselves that they’d like a bit of that, thank you very much.

Generally speaking, politicians are the most crooked individuals in the world. It is an undeniable truth that MPs are far more likely to end up in prison for deceit, dishonest or corruption than members of any other group.

Remainer MPs have been bought bribed and paid for. And they want to delay things so that Brexiteers die off and they can win another Referendum with a bunch of brainwashed millennials.

By refusing to accept the result of a referendum Remainers have created a divide which will not heal for generations.

Leaving the EU could have promised a new, brave future, enriching us in a thousand separate ways.

But, instead, the moaning and whingeing and whining and treacherous behaviour of the Remainer MPs has opened wounds, destroyed friendships and divided families for generations to come.

It was possible, a while ago, to argue that the Remainers were misguided and ignorant.

No more.

Today, the Remainers are all bad, bad people.

And the Remainer MPs are downright evil.

They think they’ve won several recent battles. They think they’ve defeated the British people. They think they have thwarted Brexit.

But they haven’t won the war. If necessary we will win a second referendum and a third referendum.

You and I come from the stock who twice crushed the Krauts.

And we’re going to crush those bastard Neo-Nazi Remainers; the lilly livered, treacherous, Lord Haw Haws who have betrayed everything and everyone and who have fought for the EU – the enemy.

They’ve fought dirty. They’ve cheated. They’ve lied. They’ve betrayed.

Frau May has lied so often that her nose will soon reach Strasbourg without her getting onto an aeroplane.

Over the next few days I’m going to outline a series of campaigns designed to humiliate and embarrass the Remainers and to ensure that we defend our country and destroy the EU.

Please keep reading!

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 14th 2019

If you want to see the EU crushed then you MUST read Zina Cohen’s new book entitled The Shocking History of the EU. I have absolutely no doubt that if enough people read this book then the EU will be permanently destroyed. Ms Cohen’s book contains rock solid proof that the EU was created by Nazis and it also contains the biographies of the EU’s 40 founding fathers. It’s a great book to use as a reference if you find yourself debating with Remainers. Her book is packed with facts. It is now impossible for Remainers to say `Oh that Nazi stuff was debunked.’ The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Jack King’s book All Remainers are Neo-Nazis is also available and if you buy the paperback the title makes it an excellent book to leave lying around where Remainers can see it. I’ve been buying large numbers of both books and distributing them to MPs and media folk. And the publishers have promised to use all their profits to distribute copies to journalists and politicians around the world.