Rhino Horn Madness

Vernon Coleman

Scientists are making fake rhino horns in a sensible attempt to stop poachers killing rhinos.

The theory is simple.

If the risk of killing rhinos remains high but the profit drops then the incentive to hunt and kill these wonderful animals will collapse.

But the scientists are also planning to put Viagra into the artificial rhino horn so that its effectiveness as an aphrodisiac becomes actual instead of imagined.

Their theory is that this will enhance the value of the artificial rhino horn.

But I think itís a remarkably most stupid idea.

By turning rhino horn into an effective remedy for impotence, the scientists will encourage people to take it Ė and they will enhance the productís marketability and value.

Making artificial rhino horn is a good idea.

Lacing it with a proven sexual aid is a bad, bad, bad idea.

A much better idea would be for someone with social media skills to start a rumour that rhino horn causes impotence and baldness.

That would bugger up the sale of rhino horn.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

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