The NHS and the Royal Family Are Finished Ė If The Remainers Win

Vernon Coleman

All Remainers are morons and racists and neo Nazis.

They are morons because they have campaigned for the death of their way of life and they have destroyed their future. They havenít bothered to look at the consequences of remaining in the EU.

They are racists because they have destroyed England.

And they are neo Nazis because, as I have proved, the EU was designed and built by Nazis.

Here are some things the Remainers probably donít know Ė but which will happen if they win.

1. Britain will have to join the euro. Our economy will be ruined for ever. (Just take a look at Greece and Italy if you doubt me.) There will be an immediate sudden jump in inflation when sterling is exchanged for the euro.
2. The NHS will have to close down. The EU will not allow Britain to have a National Health Service within a United States of Europe. It would be like there being an NHS in Shropshire but nowhere else in Britain.
3. England will be divided into nine regions. At least one part of Southern England will be a region within Northern France. Scotland and Wales will be regions within the EU. Northern Ireland will be part of Eire. Iím not making this up. This has always been the EUís plan. (I wrote about this 20 years ago. Iíve been studying the EUís plans for two decades. I first revealed these plans in my book England Our England in 2002.)
4. The royal family will have to go. It has always been the EUís plan to get rid of the royal family. A series of regions within the EU cannot have a monarchy.

Britain will become a series of regions within the United States of Europe. We will become multicultural. We will become impoverished because we will have to contribute hugely to the wealth of poorer EU nations. Even the Remainers will grow to despise Theresa May as much as she appears to despise Britain.

The eurocrats now hate Britain. They will do everything they can to punish us.

If we stay in the EU, the millennials who campaigned on behalf of the EU will have no future. They will be poorer than ever. They will never be able to buy their own homes. And they will have to work until they die. There will be no pensions Ė except for public employees such as eurocrats.

The mouldy icing on the mouldy cake is that, whatever happens, the Conservative Party is now finished. There is an excellent chance that the next Prime Minister will be Jeremy Corbyn. The pound will collapse. The British will be the poorest people in Europe. Only the richest will be able to take holidays abroad. (Thereís irony for you. The Remainers wonít be able to travel on the Continent.)

The Remainers might like to think about these things as they plan their celebrations for their coming victory.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 23rd 2019

P.S. If you think I am exaggerating, just check out my other predictions in my books and on this website.