Goldman Sachs, an Italian Banker and the EU (Youíll be Surprised by this)

Vernon Coleman

In an attempt to deal with its problems the European bank has printed three trillion euros in the last couple of years.

Greece is still the EUís real problem. And the underlying everlasting fault is that Greece was taken into the euro fraudulently with figures cooked by Goldman Sachs. The same Goldman Sachs which is now opposing Brexit and supporting the EU.

The odd thing is that one former Goldman Sachs boss was an Italian called Mario Draghi.

And guess who is now printing euros like mad to try to cover up the Greek problems? That would be the chief of the European Central Bank.

And that is (surprise, surprise) the very same Mario Draghi.

As well as running the ECB, Signor Draghi finds time to be a member of the Group of Thirty founded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Group of Thirty is a private group of lobbyists in the finance world.

It seems odd to me that the man running the EUís finances should also be a financial lobbyist for there seems to me to be ample room for conflicts of interest.

Draghiís home country of Italy is in an even worse state than Greece. The banks there have debts of 360 billion euros.

And Draghiís European Central Bank itself is in even worse state, having borrowed 7,800 billion euros from the Bundesbank.

Leaving Germany in charge Ė again.

Just as the Nazis planned.

There is some irony in a Jewish bank being such a strong supporter of Hitlerís plan for Europe.

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