Trafalgar Square 2020 and the Police

Vernon Coleman

I gather from Louise at Save Our Rights UK, who is helping to organise Saturday’s demonstration against pointless lockdowns, unnecessary masks, mandatory vaccinations and so on, that the police have decided to clamp down on gatherings and are bringing in stronger emergency legislation on Friday – the day before the Saturday 29th demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

What a surprise.

As far as I know, however, the demonstration will still go ahead.

I can’t remember how many animal rights demos I attended where the police interfered right at the last moment – thereby causing massive inconvenience and disappointment to thousands who had often travelled long distances.

I remember once suing a Chief Constable after a particular egregious last minute cancellation of an anti-vivisection demonstration.

(Not surprisingly, I lost. But I had made my point. I think the judge who heard the case was tempted to lock me up for daring to sue a senior policeman.)

The odd thing is, of course, that when Black Lives Matter demonstrators flooded London the police actually joined in and `took the knee’. It seems that some demos are more acceptable than others.

Someone should explain to the police that it is their future too – we are protesting to save humanity, and policewomen and policemen who consider themselves part of humanity will also be victims. This demonstration is for them too.

Do the police want to be vaccinated with a potentially dangerous vaccine – which will change their genetic make-up for ever? Do they not realise that in the new Agenda 21 world they won’t have jobs? They should do a little research.

But then it was Commander Dick, head of the metropolitan police, who called upon mask wearing collaborators to `shame’ those not wearing masks. And that was, in my view, one of the most shameful acts of this whole sorry hoax.

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It’s worth knowing, by the way, that according to the home office website it is not necessary to obtain police permission for meetings which do not involve a march. In other words, the home office seems to be saying that if a group of people want to meet for a protest in a public park (for example) then there is nothing the police can do about it. Having said that, our new dictatorial government has given itself and the police the right to make up new laws as it goes along.

Vernon Coleman August 27th 2020