Wikipedia: `Thoroughly Corrupt’ says Co-Founder

Dr Vernon Coleman

In addition to re-editing my biography (putting in lies and taking out truths), I’m told that Wikipedia editors removed a Wikipedia page devoted to my bestselling series of 15 books in The Young Country Doctor series. The books, about the residents of the village of Bilbury, are set in the 1970s. I’m told editors also removed the Wikipedia page devoted to my series of four books about Mrs Caldicot. I think they eventually left the page devoted to the film of Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War starring Pauline Collins, John Alderton, Peter Capaldi and company – though I understand that attempts were made to remove that.

Why would they do this?

None of these books had anything to do with covid-19 or the covid jabs.

Was it possibly done out of spite? Or just to damage my reputation still further?

Who knows.

Incidentally, I’m told that my Wikipedia page was recently edited by someone called Philip Cross.

This is what Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia) has to say about Philip Cross.

`In public discussion of Wikipedia corruption, among the topics that come up are the CIA and other government agencies editing; the `Philip Cross’ account which cannot be that of a single person; the `Wiki-PR’ company which edited Wikipedia for pay on behalf of many famous and powerful people and companies; and certain of Jimmy Wales’ associates, including Tony Blair and officials in Kazakhstan.’

Please don’t ever give money to Wikipedia. It’s definitely part of the enemy. Truth-tellers are attacked and demonised.

I’ll leave the last word to Larry Sanger.

Here’s what he says in his book Essays on Free Knowledge : `I believe Wikipedia is thoroughly corrupt – the information in it is carefully massaged through behind-the-scenes control and payoffs.’

Despite all this, a good many people still use Wikipedia as though it were a reliable encyclopedia.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021