Scary Stuff You Should Know

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. According to the official statistics in the UK, deaths among teenagers have risen by 47% since the jabbing programme stated.

2. Between April 2020 and October 2020 the official figures in the USA show a 24% increase in mental health emergencies among children aged 5 to 11.

3. NHS bosses are apparently puzzled by the fact that there are, in the UK, thousands of excess deaths at the moment. These excess deaths are not caused by covid-19. I cannot imagine why the NHS is puzzled. I forecast nearly 18 months ago that there would be a flurry of extra deaths at this time. It is, of course, part of the genocidal plan.

4. In the UK, a mother of two died while waiting on the phone for two hours to make an appointment to see her GP. She had breathing difficulties.

5. Some GP practices refused to give B12 injections to patients because of the coronavirus. This is a scandal and the guilty GPs should be charged with murder. I can only assume that there must be GPs and nurses who do not understand how serious this disease is. Without regular injections, patients will die. If this sort of scandalous, uncaring and outrageous behaviour is widespread, then the UK deaths resulting from medical malpractice will run into millions.

6. Nurses are in future to be allowed to perform surgery. Over the last decade or so they have slowly moved further and further away from their original job specification and today, nurses have already taken over many of the functions once occupied by doctors. Thirty or forty years ago it was considered unusual to allow a senior, qualified nurse to take blood samples from a patient. Today, nurses prescribe drugs and perform a variety of potential hazardous procedures. It is hardly surprising that they consider providing bed pans, making sure that patients eat and drink, helping to prevent bedsores and providing comfort and reassurance beneath them.

7. GPs at a meeting of the British Medical Association are reported to have voted to scrap home visits. Why donít they just all vote to stop seeing patients completely? The doctors proposing an end to home visits claim that seeing patients in their homes, takes up too much of their valuable time. They seem unconcerned about the fact that some patients may be too ill or too frail to make the journey to their consulting room. Just as importantly they donít seem to realise that seeing patients in their homes can teach a doctor a great deal about patients and their circumstances. I truly despair about modern medicine.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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