Scary Stuff You Might Have Missed

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. In the UK the Government has given itself the right to confiscate money and stuff belonging to Russians whose only crime is being Russian and living in the UK. Now that the Government has given itself this power, what else are they going to do with it? Who else will they target? This could lead us straight to Klaus Schwab’s dreamworld where `You own nothing and are happy’.

2. Marks and Spencer (a big British store) is offering free coffees to customers who scan and use their App. This is the beginning of something evil. The App is the enemy’s main weapon. Never download an App. Don’t buy or use a smartphone.

3. The London property market has been held up by Russian buyers for decades. Without Russians buying homes, the top end of the property market will collapse. And the rest of the market will follow suit. As interest rates rise and house prices fall, millions will end up in negative equity – bankrupt.

4. The UK is going to suffer an energy crisis this year. The crisis has been created and exacerbated by greens and climate change cultists opposing nuclear power plants. When you are freezing cold next winter, and eating cold baked beans from the tin, blame the greens and the climate change freaks.

5. The Queen appears to have left Buckingham Palace for good. We definitely won’t be in London whenever Parliament isn’t sitting. That is when it will be dangerous to be in England’s capital.

6. Bill Gates says that doctors are no more important than car mechanics. If you want to know where health care is going in the UK read `The Future of Health care and Vision for Digital Health Care’ on

7. Food prices are going to rocket because much of the world’s food is grown in Russia. And much of the rest of it is grown in Ukraine. The price of wheat has gone up over 50% so far this year. Fertiliser costs are soaring and there will be shortages. Food supplies are crashing. If you live in the West, your Government’s sanctions mean it has declared war on YOU, not on Russia.

8. The prices of almost all commodities will soar. Aluminium has reached a record price. The price of nickel has gone up 166% so far this year. The price of gas went up by 73.8% in one day. Everything you need to buy will be far more expensive, thanks to your Government and the idiots pushing for more sanctions against Russia.

9. Doctors are not taught anything about vaccines. Nor are they taught how to `read’ and question scientific papers. So doctors get their information from drug companies and their government. They then parrot what they’ve been told – and announce that doctors who think for themselves are conspiracy theorists who must be discredited and ignored.

10. A UK Government ad published in the Daily Telegraph listed comments from medical experts. One of the experts quoted was Alison Culpan, Scottish Director of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. She reportedly says that if you catch covid-19 you might get Long Covid which she warns can have serious and debilitating long-term effects, especially on people’s ability to exercise, work and maintain relationships. That’s odd because the major research on Long Covid seems to me to show that Long Covid (if it exists at all) is a psychological problem not a physical problem. A&E doctor, Dr Okorocha, says that `it is highly unlikely people will suffer serious issues following a covid vaccination’. I would recommend that he looks at the article entitled `Updated: How many people are the vaccines killing?’ The article, on my websites, is updated frequently. Finally, in the Financial Times, Peter Brodin, a paediatric immunologist at Imperial College, London says: `Millions of children have been vaccinated in the US and elsewhere; if there were side-effects of the vaccines, we would have seen them by now.’ I suggest that he too reads my article on the number of people being killed and/or injured by the covid-19 jabs. Journalists, doctors and Devi Shridhar might like to read it too.

11. The BBC claims that differences to the brain have been found before and after a covid infection. Curiously, but predictably, the BBC seems to have forgotten to report that serious brain changes are a known possible side-effect with the covid-19 jabs.

12. BBC News reports that Shane Warne the cricketer died from natural causes. The BBC does not seem to mention that Mr Warne was given the covid-19 jab which is known to kill people.

13. According to The Expose website, the UK Government has published data confirming that the fully vaccinated are now up to 3.2 times more likely to die of covid-19 than the unvaccinated. UK Government figures also show that the fully vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 covid-19 deaths. The BBC does not appear to have reported these figures.

14. The UK Government’s war against its own people will mean that living standards will return to those of the 1970s. Inflation is going to soar out of control. Everyone except the billionaires, the politicians and the State functionaries is going to be poorer.

15. The UK Government has been paying a special coronavirus subsidy to the big British newspaper groups since the fraud began in early 2020. The subsidy was £35 million for the first three months and is now in its 23rd month. In addition, huge amounts of money have been paid to the mainstream media in advertising revenue. It is, therefore, not surprising that the mainstream media has been prejudiced and corrupt throughout the fake covid epidemic. Journalists sold their souls and their integrity. We should never forget their perfidy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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