Scotland is Creating Alcoholics Galore

Dr Vernon Coleman

So, the Scottish woman has cancelled the New Year celebrations lest any of her subjects catch a cold.

The Scots have traditionally celebrated New Year with an enthusiasm not seen elsewhere on planet earth. They even insist on an extra Bank Holiday to enable them to recover from the outsized hangover their New Year celebrations produce.

But this year the Scots won’t be celebrating in pubs or clubs (except those near the border who will doubtless come over to England).

The Scots will mostly be celebrating at home with booze bought from the supermarket.

And since alcohol bought in shops is considerably cheaper than booze bought in pubs and clubs, they’ll buy more of it than they would have done.

And since they don’t have to worry about getting home afterwards (because they’ll be at home) they’ll drink more of it.

With pubs staying shut, new habits will be formed.

And far more alcoholics will be produced. (There is already evidence that alcoholism soared during the lockdowns).

Death rates from liver, brain and stomach problems will soar.

And here’s the kicker.

Alcohol will soon be made illegal.

There are two reasons for this.

First, the global warming nutters believe that drinking alcohol damages the environment (don’t ask why – nothing they say makes sense).

Second, a growing number of Muslims don’t approve of pubs, off-licences and selling booze in supermarkets.

So, Scotland will have hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of alcoholics forced to go cold turkey all together.

That’ll be fun.

And the irony, or is it a sick joke, is that in the UK there is very little treatment available for alcoholics. The bulk of the NHS is still either dedicated to looking after patients who have, or might develop the flu (which can, it is true, be a serious disease – it has always been a major killer in the winter months for some, particularly the elderly and the sick) or the common cold (which is usually no more than an inconvenience) or closed because of the absurd demands of social distancing nonsenses.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2021

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