Why I Screamed!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

You probably heard me screaming the other day.

No, I hadn’t trapped my finger in the car door.

And I hadn’t received a gas bill.

I had just read an article in which Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, was quoted as saying that the incidence of NHS drug blunders was `appalling’ and `shocking’.

Hunt said the problem was `far bigger than had been realised’.

That was when I screamed.

I have been warning, for nearly half a century, that the incidence of doctor-induced disease was an epidemic.

I long ago produced evidence showing that doctors are now one of the top three causes of death and illness (alongside cancer and circulatory disease). I sent the details to Hunt when he was first appointed.

So, why is Britain’s Health Secretary so bloody ignorant?

Doesn’t he ever read anything?

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