The Second Referendum: The Question to be Asked

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

‘You must watch those Germans. They will cheat you.’ – Lord Northcliffe.

The British people decided, by a true and democratic vote, to leave the EU. They did not decide to leave a little bit. They decided to leave. They voted by a decent majority for their country to stand alone in the world – proud and independent.

It is traitorous to fight against this decision and even worse to promote the EU’s interests when those are diametrically opposed to our nation’s interests.

Any individual or organisation which campaigns against the democratic vote to leave is guilty of heinous treachery.

Still, it seems that the traitors must have a second vote.

So here is the Question which will, I suggest, be asked in the Second Referendum:

Do you prefer:

A: to continue with the Brexit vote; to break away from the Nazi designed, fascist EU and regain your national identity; to control immigration, bring back control from unelected eurocrats and to restore democratic parliament.


B: to reject the will of the people; to dismiss Brexit; to continue to give control over our laws and finance to unelected eurocrats representing an organisation which was founded by the Nazis to ensure that Germany controls Europe

That’s it in a nutshell.

A fair and rational view of the two choices facing the nation in the Second Referendum.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018