Why Are Young Adults So Self-Obsessed and Over-full Of Themselves? (The Truth About the Entitlement Generation)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

They like to call themselves ‘millenials’, though most of the really mouthy ones were sharing their opinions long before the Millenium and they are now desperately trying not to let alone notice that they have one foot firmly planted in the pleasant lands of middle age. They tweet incessantly.

Their most valuable possessions are a smart phone and a selfie stick.

They have serious withdrawal symptoms if they can’t access their Facebook page several times an hour.

They are narcissistic; utterly, totally, completely self-absorbed.

Their expectations are endless.

They expect to get rich and famous without having to do anything as unpleasant as ‘work’.

They expect to be able to earn a living doing exactly what they want to do, when they want to do it and for no longer than they want to do it.

They will not accept criticism. If an employer criticises them they stomp off in a huff and consult a solicitor.

They expect things to go their own way – and if they don’t then they sulk for months. They voted to remain in the EU because they are so stupid that they genuinely believe that leaving the EU will mean that they won’t be able to drink French wine or eat Italian pasta. They now find it impossible to believe that their wishes were ignored. In America they voted for Clinton because they thought it about time that a woman was President.

They are totally, utterly, completely self-obsessed.

There is a simple explanation for this unhealthy self-absorption.

This is the generation which was never allowed to lose.

When they were at school, the sports day was abandoned because daft teachers thought that competition would do irreparable harm to those who didn’t win medals.

Exams were made easier and easier so that every pupil who remembered to turn up, and was capable of putting their name on a piece of paper, was awarded a ‘pass’.

And now the spoilt little bastards have grown up into spoilt big bastards.

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