Why Donít We Sell London to the EU?

Vernon Coleman

Many Londoners are keen on the EU. This is because most of them are foreign. There are few English people living in London these days. Most of the Remainers in England live in London.

EU lovers in London are so keen on Hitlerís plan for Europe that they have argued that London should remain in the EU if the rest of England leaves.

At first I thought this was stupid.

I feared that putting up border posts on every exit of the M25 would be a nightmare.

But maybe it isnít such an impossible thought.

Indeed, Iíve thought of something even better.

Instead of merely allowing London to stay in the EU while the rest of us leave and rediscover freedom, democracy and a life without little CE tags on everything, we could sell London to the EU.

After all, London is a nice piece of real estate.

The Nazis would love to have the former capital of England in their portfolio.

And weíd get rid of all those moaning, lilly livered, treacherous wretches in London.

So, letís start the bidding.

All reasonable offers accepted.

Weíll throw in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

And those of us living outside London can share the cash proceeds.

England without London would be a far happier and more contented place.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019