Send Aldi back to Germany

Dr Vernon Coleman

Every sane and freedom loving citizen should boycott Aldi Ė the German supermarket chain which is trying to move us into a digital world.

Shoppers who want to buy food in at least one Aldi `shop and goí store have to download an app before they are allowed into the store.

`Before they are allowed to enter the store.í

If you donít have a smart phone and the Aldi app you canít even enter the store.

If we allow Aldi to get away with this then our war with the conspirators is over. We are well and truly inside the Great Reset. Anyone who shops at Aldi is a collaborator Ė aiding and abetting the totalitarian conspirators who want to take over our lives. Tell everyone you know not to shop at Aldi Ė or any other store which tries controlling customers in this way.

And let Aldi know that it is finished in England.

We donít want the Aldi app and we donít want Aldi.

I will never succumb to this digital world.

And I hope you wonít.

To find out more about the future they have planned for us please read my latest book `They want your money and your life.í You can obtain a copy via the bookshops on, and

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023