Seven Predictions

Vernon Coleman

1. Self driving cars have absolutely no chance of succeeding in the UK. Our roads are too narrow and twisty.
2. We will remain dependent on oil and gas for the foreseeable future. Not even the most enthusiastic climate change nutters will want to give up their comfortable lifestyles.
3. The Liberal Democrats will go back to well-deserved obscurity at the next election.
4. Harry and Meghan will split. He will stay loyal to the Firm and she will go back into show business – and sell her inside story for bucket loads of moolah.
5. The EU will collapse. It will be a nasty, messy and destructive collapse. 6. The juvenile (and woefully ill informed) climate change nutters will get bored and find something else to worry about – the danger of platform shoes, cooked food or hoola hoops for example.
7. The BBC will disappear within five years.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

Vernon Coleman’s book 2020 (subtitle `What the Future Holds’) has been reprinted and is now available as a paperback.