Scary, Shocking Covid Stuff

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Here are three things I read today that made me feel quite ill. 1. The governments in England, Wales and Scotland have all approved child murder and are now offering toxic, experimental jabs to children aged 5-11 years old. Having murdered thousands of elderly folk they’re now moving onto the little children. The drug they have approved for small children has been shown to be unnecessary and deadly when given to older children and adults. Any doctor giving one of these jabs to a small child, more vulnerable and developing, should be struck off, defrocked and hung, drawn and quartered before being arrested and thrown into prison for life. The same goes for any parent allowing their small child to be jabbed with this experimental poison. (Factcheckers might like to know that a poison is defined as a substance that, when introduced into a living body, causes illness or death. The covid jabs are known to cause illness or death and are, therefore, poisons.)

2. A court in New Zealand sent out a demand from the Ministry of Health for the sum of $330 for non-compliance with (utterly pointless) covid-19 testing. The recipient of the court order was warned that if they didn’t pay the court could issue a warrant for their arrest, suspend their driving licence, seize their property or take money from their income or bank account, report the overdue fine as part of a credit reference check (so that they couldn’t get a credit card or a loan), restrict their ability to sell a property and stop them travelling overseas. Anyone who thinks social credit is something dreamt up by conspiracy theorists clearly needs their head examined.

3. Devi Sridhar, who is apparently a chair at the University of Edinburgh, says she thought the British people would accept more intrusive surveillance. `I think I underplayed the societal differences between South Korea and the UK,’ she apparently said, `including the willingness of publics to be under different levels of surveillance and scrutiny.’ I firmly believe that the chair on which the Old Man sits has more brains than Ms Sridhar. (My video describing her views on covid jabs and children is still available to view on .The video is entitled `How many children will die because of this woman?’)

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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