Seven More Reasons Why the NHS Should be Closed

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

1. Our idiot-rich Government has decided that it is no longer necessary for care home staff to receive the useless and poisonous covid-19 jab. The thousands of intelligent care home workers who were fired because they wouldn’t succumb and accept the jab are now entitled to feel aggrieved. Maybe they’ll receive financial compensation. Why weren’t they defended and protected by the trade unions? (Are there any trade unions left in Britain, these days? If so, what do they do all day long – except organise strikes on the London Underground?) The real tragedy is that overall the intelligence and moral quality of care home staff (an essential part of the NHS) has been dramatically reduced by this appalling piece of pointless, pseudo-scientific bullying. Once again the conspirators should be ashamed. (What am I saying? Of course they won’t be! The conspirators will be happy because their plan – confusion and chaos – is working well.)

2. Every day NHS doctors and nurses hand out 10,000 prescriptions for unsafe, ineffective or overpriced drugs that have been banned. That’s the official figure. You and I know that the real figure is at least 100 times that. In 2021, GPs managed to peep out from behind their desks long enough to hand over 3.65 million prescriptions for rubbishy so-called medicines such as sea buckthorn and dog rose and lavender oil capsules. Even more startling, GPs and nurses spent £4 million on bath and shower products and on prescribing `silk undergarments’.

3. Sajid Javid, the minister of pseudoscience and chief health conspiracy expert in the UK, says that anyone not feeling well should stay away from work. The big question is: will anyone ever feel well enough to go to work?

4. People in Scotland will continue to get free covid tests. People living in England will pay for the free tests for people in Scotland but will have to pay for their own. Lateral flow tests currently cost £5.99 each at some retailers. Citizens who are desperate to waste their money can just send it to me and I’ll waste it for them. You can buy a nice bottle of malt whisky for the price of five lateral flow tests.

5. The Government wants 75% of all UK citizens to use the NHS app by the year 2024. The NHS plans to send medical results to patients via the NHS app and, presumably, to make those without the app wait even longer than they do now for their results. Britain is the only country in the world where patients may have to wait weeks or even months for their test results. Civilised countries provide most test results the same day.

6. Health officials have warned that each one per cent pay rise for NHS staff means half a million fewer operations. Apparently paying NHS staff just one per cent more costs almost £1 billion and that’s equivalent to 16,000 full time nurses or 500,000 surgical procedures. Of course, if the NHS merely fired all the unnecessary bureaucrats there would be plenty of money to spend on useful staff and on operations. (The NHS has more bureaucrats than nurses and more bureaucrats than beds. Every hospital in the land is awash with useless, space wasting pen pushers. It is generally agreed by those who know that 90% of all NHS administrators could be fired without anyone noticing.)

7. Despite being told to see more patients face to face, GPs are still cowering behind their desks (or, more likely, sitting on the sofa at home watching TV). The number of GP appointments that were face to face (and therefore of any use at all) fell to 60% in January. Now that GPs have discovered the joy of not actually seeing their patients (and doing what they are paid for) the number of patients who get half way decent service just keeps on going down.

The bottom line is that it’s time to abandon the NHS. Close it down. As I have shown many times it would be cheaper to provide every man, woman and child in the UK with free private health care than to keep on with the NHS.

The NHS is a liability which does more harm than good. The vast majority of people working for the NHS admit that they would not recommend their hospital to anyone. And most doctors and senior administrators pay for private health care.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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