Proof the Covid-19 `Vaccine’ Programme Should be Stopped Now

Dr Vernon Coleman

I’ve been warning about the covid-19 jabs for many, many months. My first videos detailing the very real dangers were published last year. In this video I’m going to prove, beyond any question, that the whole experimental jabbing programme should be halted immediately. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum and they could kill billions with these jabs alone.

But instead of halting the roll out of a vaccine that hasn’t been properly tested, doesn’t work and isn’t needed, the authorities in some countries are already jabbing children and in others are pushing for children to be jabbed. This is total lunacy. Jabbing adults with this toxic brew is madness but at least most adults have a choice. Children are being jabbed with dangerous poison straight out of the witches’ cauldron in Macbeth, and they don’t have the faintest idea what is happening to them. There is absolutely no informed consent and they are being given an experimental vaccine that doesn’t do what people believe it does, to protect them from a disease which I have proved, in a previous video, is nothing more than the rebranded flu.

Wicked lies are being spread about giving the experimental jab to children. Attempts are being made to put children under peer pressure to accept, ask for or even demand the covid-19 jab.

Those who are putting children under pressure should know that it is against international law to coerce someone to accept medical treatment. It isn’t just unethical and irresponsible – it is illegal.

Young adults are already having jabs they don’t need because their mates are having them. Peer pressure.

Michael Caine says the jab doesn’t hurt – in my view surely the most patronising remark ever used in a health campaign. The young are being jabbed because it’s free and they’re told that if they have it they can go to discos and pubs and big events. The brave thing to do is surely to say `No!’

The evidence – and I’ll produce all the evidence that is needed in this video – the evidence proves that any parent who allows their child to be vaccinated against covid-19 should be arrested for child abuse. Any doctor or nurse who jabs a child with one of the experimental covid jabs should be arrested for assault and child abuse and imprisoned for a very long time.

Every teacher pushing the jabs for children, and every doctor or nurse prepared to give them should be asked these simple questions:

Ask if they know that this is what the NHS in the UK says about the covid-19 vaccine: `We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus.’ That’s in the official booklet they send out. So everyone who says the so-called vaccine will stop you getting covid or stop you passing it on is ignorant or stupid or both.

Ask if they know that the CDC in the US reported early on that the covid-19 vaccines (and I’ll use the word vaccines so that those who aren’t properly awake will know what I’m talking about – though you should know that the definition of vaccine has had to be changed to accommodate these new toxic substances) caused a huge variety of dangerous side effects. I listed these back in 2020. Indeed, the incidence of death and serious side effects was reported to be over 2.5%. Logically, that means that if you vaccinate 100 people then two and a half of them will die or have notable side effects. Huge numbers stand a real risk of being seriously injured or killed. That puts these jabs into the same sort of category as napalm. If Dr Crippen had been alive he’d have been offering these jabs.

Ask if they know that although the injection is usually given into a shoulder muscle it can, and invariably will, enter the blood stream. If you have a bruise after a jab then that’s proof of bleeding. Rubbing the site after this vaccine could, in my view, speed up the rate at which the toxin enters the blood and cause massive problems. Many of those giving the jabs know little or nothing about the substance they’re injecting. Some vaccinators undoubtedly put the tip of the needle into a small blood vessel thereby squirting the material directly into the circulatory system. Is it possible that the people suffering the most immediate, dramatic consequences are those in whom this has happened? How many vaccinators check that the needle tip isn’t in a blood vessel? How many vaccinators realise that these jabs are like no other they have ever given? I say that as a medical doctor who has been writing about vaccines and vaccination for over half a century.

Ask if they know that Professor Byram Bridle, a professor of viral immunology and most assuredly not an anti-vaxxer, has said that the spike protein from these jabs is a toxin which can spread throughout the body, entering the spleen, liver, bone marrow and ovaries. It is the fact that the spike protein affects the platelets which can cause clotting, bleeding, heart problems and neurological problems.

Ask if they know that breast milk is affected by this toxic jab – and that the antibodies in breast milk can cause bleeding in infants.

Ask if they know that the BBC deliberately refuses to tell its viewers and listeners anything which questions the value of vaccination.

Ask if they know that up until the end of May 2021 these vaccines had been responsible for 4,406 deaths in the US and 1,213 deaths in the UK. Those are official government figures, and they are low because less than 1 in 100 adverse events in the US is reported. Many deaths have been ignored or dismissed as coincidental. In the US there had been 1,214 cases of anaphylaxis. Horrifyingly, 14,986 had needed hospitalisation and there had been 34,474 urgent health problems. In the UK there had been 1,213 deaths caused by the vaccines and 859,481 total adverse reactions. With the AstraZeneca vaccine alone, 192 people had gone blind. Those are all official government figures so the fake fact checkers, bought and paid for in their thousands, can huff and puff all day but the figures won’t disappear. The idiot journalists who claim the deaths and serious injuries are coincidental might like to apply that nonsensical judgement to the alleged deaths from covid-19. The truth is that the total killed and injured by these damned jabs will turn out to be far higher than the figures I’ve given. The figures for Europe and places such as Israel are just as scary. Weekly deaths all around the world have soared as more and more people are injected with this toxic junk. Women everywhere are noticing changes to their monthly cycle. And that’s crucial.

Ask if they know that over half of GPs said they would not have the vaccine. In the UK the Government has admitted that despite putting NHS staff – hospital doctors, nurses, porters and bureaucrats - under pressure, at least 20% have refused to be jabbed. I bet the 20% of wise people mainly consists of clinical staff rather than administrators. The GPs who said they wouldn’t be jabbed were probably the honest ones. How many pretended they had been jabbed but weren’t? The UK Government is now talking about making jabs mandatory for NHS staff but the jabs are experimental and it seems unlikely they’ll be able to force that through. More bullying and lying.

Ask if they know that perfectly healthy children are probably no more at risk of dying of covid-19 than they are of being killed by lightning’. No previously healthy child under the age of 15 has died of covid-19 in the UK. Most children have hardly any symptoms if they do catch it. Why would you vaccinate – or whatever – against something so irrelevant? It’s like giving a toxic potentially lethal jab to stop kids getting ink on their clothes.

Ask if they know that the claims for long covid have been wildly exaggerated. There is little or no evidence showing that it is a real risk – or indeed any more of a risk than the usual post viral fatigue syndrome which commonly follows the flu. Oddly enough the symptoms of so-called long covid are exactly the same as the problems caused by the jabs.

Ask if they know that the UK acquired herd immunity in April 2021.

Ask if they know that even if they get it children don’t transmit covid-19 as readily as adults.

Ask if they know that teachers are less at risk of covid-19 than other working age adults.

Ask if they know that the latest figures from the MHRA in the UK show that in the UK the side effects involved include serious neurological problems, heart attacks, strokes, blindness and many other serious disorders. I think it is an insult to the patients who have been damaged to describe their side effects as mild. All this is particularly relevant when you remember that covid-19 has a mortality rate which is much the same as that for the ordinary flu.

Ask if they know that the WHO has said early on that the vaccines don’t stop people getting covid-19 or passing it on.

Ask if they know that, in my view at least, no one who has been jabbed should be allowed to give blood for transfusion. In my professional view, the blood transfusion stock has already been contaminated.

Ask if they know that no one knows whether the covid-19 jab will interact dangerously with the many other vaccinations given to children.

Ask if they know that there has been no testing to find out if the covid-19 jab might interact dangerously with other prescription drugs such as Ritalin or anti-asthma medications. Or, indeed, the other hundreds of prescription and over the counter drugs.

Ask if they know that at least 66 fully tested and approved vaccines have been withdrawn and discontinued in the US for safety reasons. And those were ordinary vaccines – not experimental jabs.

Ask if they know that governments around the world have paid out billions of dollars in compensation to patients who have been severely injured by vaccines – or to the relatives of patients who have been killed by them. You don’t do that if vaccines are safe.

Ask if they know that a vaccine recommended during the alleged swine flu pandemic, – given to us by Ferguson who gave us the fake covid pandemic – resulted in over 1,000 cases of narcolepsy before being withdrawn.

Ask if they know that another drug given to children before full trial results were available was associated with the deaths of 19 children because of possible antibody dependent enhancement. The vaccine was withdrawn. Could this happen with the covid-19 jabs? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. Your goldfish’s guess is as good as Hancock’s in the UK.

Ask if they know that many people are catching covid-19 after being jabbed.

Ask if they know that in October 2020, Kate Bingham, the head of the UK Government Vaccine Task force was reported as saying: There is going to be no vaccination of people under 18’. And that was before all the evidence became available showing the potential dangers of the vaccines.

Ask if they know that the Pfizer vaccine has been linked to altered menstrual cycles and abnormal bleeding in women and to myocarditis in males – both in Israel where the jabs have been given to young people. I see, by the way, that according to the BBC, a new Pfizer research centre for vaccines has opened in Bristol. The disgraceful Hancock opened it and the BBC refers to it as a centre of excellence for studying vaccine preventable disease. They should have called it a death camp. Pfizer is one of the most evil companies in the entire universe and paid out one of the biggest fines in history. They were fined $2.3 billion for mis-promoting a medicine and paying kickbacks to doctors. What rancid, rabid people they are. Pfizer was also fined £84.2 million for overcharging the NHS by 2,600%. Easy to do if you’re a lying, cheating, thieving crook I suppose.

No informed consent, no long term testing. Just huge profits and massive salaries for the bosses.

Why would anyone have anything made by Pfizer injected into their body?

Ask if they know that former health secretary Jeremy Hunt is alleged to have said that the Government should look into offering covid vaccines to children because children can spread the disease to older people? The jabs don’t stop people spreading covid.

Ask if they know that the BBC claims that if children are jabbed then adults with whom they come into contact will be protected? But, again, that’s utter rubbish because even the NHS admits that the jabs don’t stop anyone getting covid-19 or passing it on. The BBC is the most disreputable media organisation in history – desperate to keep their licence fee they will do and say anything to keep the Government happy. Like other journalists guilty of sharing an undiluted diet of lies deceits and blatant misinformation, the people working for the BBC already have blood on their hands. Are journalists stupid or ignorant or are they just lying? Either way it’s unforgiveable.

Ask if they know that the technology used in some of these vaccines, mRNA technology, has never been properly approved for humans. And as I have said many times it is still experimental. That means that anyone who has the jab is taking part in a dangerous experiment.

Ask if they know that children still have developing immunological and neurological systems and are even more vulnerable than adults. Could fertility be damaged? Could auto immune disease develop? One scientific paper has suggested that the vaccines might trigger neurodegenerative disease.

Ask if they know that the Government is analysing waste water to find the coronavirus as a way of tracking the infection. They say that genetic fragments of the virus can be detected in sewage. So it’s a safe bet that the damned experimental vaccine will be in the sewage too and if it’s in the sewage it will be in the drinking water. Take a look at my video about vaccines in drinking water.

Ask if they know that the warning about shedding which came from Dr Bossche, and which I shared in my video entitled `Covid 19 Vaccines are Weapons of Mass Destruction and Could Wipe Out the Human Race’, is now very likely to be accurate – those who sneered were wrong.

Ask if they know that the drug companies making these vaccines, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca and so on, have been fined billions of dollars for fraudulent activities? Why would anyone trust anything these companies say? Companies making bombs and landmines have probably killed fewer people than these monsters. Every drug company employee should have a warning sign tattooed on his or her forehead. And yet seemingly sane people are putting their lives and their children’s lives into the hands of these inhuman monsters. It’s like hiring the McCanns to babysit your toddler. Why don’t people think for themselves? At least half the population would chain their ankles together if someone in a suit told them to do so.

Ask if they know that GPs who are enthusiastically promoting the jabs could make £50,000 a year each from jabbing their patients – or telling their staff to do it.

Ask if they know that media organisations promoting the jabs are receiving huge amounts of money from the Government, and that many, such as the BBC and The Guardian have financial links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is making millions out of vaccines. The BBC actually boasts that it deliberately hides information from viewers and listeners and, as a matter of some insane and indefensible policy, deliberately suppresses the truth about vaccines. The BBC really must go.

Ask if they know that it is an offence to give a drug – including a vaccine –without the patient giving their informed consent. But in my view 99.999% of the individuals who have been jabbed were not given the information required to give informed consent. So all those giving the jabs are criminals.

Ask if they know that in December 2020, a petition filed with the European Medicines Agency suggested that there is plausible evidence to suggest that the spike proteins in the MRNA vaccines could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, a protein which is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans. How will this affect young girls? Your local grocery store clerk can give you as good an answer to that as your doctor. No one knows. Ask if they know that according to the journal Nature, for every 1,000 people under the age of 50 who are infected with the coronavirus, almost none will die. Indeed, the risk of a young person dying of covid-19 is not very different to the risk of their being struck by lightning. I assume that doctors and nurses do not recommend that children carry lighting rods around with them.

Ask if they know that the covid-19 jabs were only given emergency licences because there was thought to be a global pandemic. But the Government in the UK knew in March 2020 that the coronavirus was no more of a threat than the flu. The proof is on my websites. These jabs are experimental and the experiment does not conclude until 2023. Actually, it won’t even stop then because these jabs are entirely new and no one knows what will happen in ten, twenty or more years’ time. The development of type 1 diabetes after vaccination can take three or four years.

Ask if they know that there are plans to give everyone jabs several times a year. That will include children.

Ask if they know that there are side effects with all vaccines. At least one media doctor claims that the side effects of vaccines present themselves early rather than later. That’s not true. Side effects can develop long after a vaccination was given, and this is why when vaccines are first introduced it is usual to test them for several years.

Ask if they know that there are serious medium and long-term dangers with these jabs. Despite the reassurance being given by celebrities and media doctors it is possible that many, many patients will die or fall seriously ill when they come into contact with what is called the `wild’ coronavirus?

All that relates to the covid-19 jabs, but the attention given to the covid-19 jab has highlighted the lack of evidence showing that vaccines given to children are safe and effective.

In June 2020, the BMJ published a paper headed, `Routine Vaccination during covid-19 pandemic response’. The authors reported that `During the 11 week period following the emergency declaration there were fewer deaths in US children compared to 2019. The difference is `statistically highly significant.’ The most pronounced mortality decline occurred in infants under one year of age. The authors suggest that the question of vaccination (as a link to infant death) needs investigation and conclude: `More study is required and, in time, perhaps changes in the immunization schedule.’

That won’t happen, of course. The maniacal pro-vaxxers and truth deniers hate science, facts and truth and will happily see thousands of children slaughtered so that their beloved drug companies can make oodles of money.

Meanwhile, the British Medical Journal, having published a paper questioning the value of vaccination will now, presumably, be placed on the anti-vaxxer list of proscribed organisations and individuals.

In 2017, the Danish Government and a Danish vaccine maker, funded a study of the DTP vaccine. Gates and his pet WHO claim that the DTP vaccine saves millions of lives but the truth seems to be very different. After looking at 30 years of data, the scientists concluded that the DTP vaccine was probably killing more children than died from diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus prior to the vaccines introduction. The vaccine had ruined the immune systems of children rendering them susceptible to death from pneumonia, leukaemia, bilharzia, malaria and dysentery. None of those diseases is officially recognised as vaccine injuries.

So, the Danish Government should also be included on the Anti vaxxer list – and banned by fascist organisations such as the BBC, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on.

We all have to share this information.

You have to share this video or the transcript with teachers, doctors, nurses, journalists and parents.

Print out copies of the transcript and hand them to everyone you see. There’s a print button on and an email button too. Everything I’ve told you is absolutely true. Any anonymous critic who says it isn’t, or who presses the thumbs down button is a liar or a shill or a drug company hack or all three.

Please help share this vital information before it’s too late.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 1st 2021

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