Should Environmentalists Boycott the Wildlife Trust?

Vernon Coleman

I have written before about the bastards at the Wildlife Trust Ė the people who encourage psychopaths to go around beating squirrels over the head with bricks.

I loathe the Wildlife Trust because I happen to love wildlife.

Antoinette feed the wildlife in our garden and get through eight suet balls, two kilograms of sunflower hearts and half a pound of hazelnuts every day. (The rabbits feed themselves. Have you ever noticed that when they eat daisies they eat them from the bottom of the stalk upwards?)

Bashing in the heads of squirrels with bricks isnít my idea of loving wildlife.

The Wildlife Trust wants to kill squirrels (actually, just grey ones because the red ones are considered prettier) but they donít seem to understand that squirrels (grey or red) plant an enormous number of trees.

Squirrels bury acorns, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and most other types of nut.

They forget where theyíve buried most of them, of course.

And so those nuts grow up and become trees.

We are constantly being told that we need lots of trees.

But maybe the Wildlife Trust hasnít heard about that.

I bet squirrels plant more trees than the Wildlife Trust has ever planted.

So it isnít much of a stretch to argue that by killing squirrels the Wildlife Trust is doing far more harm than good to the environment.

Kiddies who are worried about climate change and global warming should boycott the Wildlife Trust.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019