The Brexit Party Should Shut Up and Go Away

Vernon Coleman

The Brexit problem was caused by a few middle class fake liberals with Nazi tendencies and severe anti-semitic enthusiasms.

These bastards (exemplified by a few Tories, a good many Labour politicians and all Liberal Democrats) refused to accept democracy. The idea of the people having a say in their own destiny terrified them.

When the Brexit Party was founded I sent them money. I was going to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming election.

It was a good idea a few months ago. The Brexit Party was needed to keep the Tories on the straight and narrow and to battle the evil forces of the Remainers in the Government.

But Boris and the Tories are now the only hope of any sort of Brexit.

And the Brexit Party needs to stand down. It has served its purpose. The party system means that the Brexit Party wonít win any seats. They certainly wonít win power. They wonít even have any influence.

So, why is the Brexit Party standing?

Well, as I suggested a few months ago, I fear it has become Nigelís vanity project.

I can understand the desire for leaving with No Deal. I loathe the EU. Iíve been fighting the damned organisation for a quarter of a century.

But the Boris deal is the best we will get for now.

If the Brexit Party puts up candidates, Nigel Farage will go down as the man who gave us Brexit and then took it away.

Pack up Nigel. You did your bit. Now go and be famous doing something else.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

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