Silly Journalists

Vernon Coleman

Those gloomy agents of misinformation the journalists working for the BBC, the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail are all busily trying to demonise the idea of our leaving the EU with `no deal’.

Are they all as stupid as they appear to be?

Of course they are.

Anyone who supports the EU and opposes Brexit is obviously unintelligent and ignorant, as well as being a raging fascist and an opponent of freedom and democracy.

And the thousands of journalists involved in spreading pro EU indoctrination are simply devoted to Hitler’s dream of a United States of Europe.

Still, the comforting thought is that the idiot readers being indoctrinated by these morons have already been indoctrinated and are probably beyond saving.

Pro Remain voices are all losing influence at a spectacular rate – largely because everything they say is palpably wrong.

(They claim, for example, that euroscepticism is strongest among the `disadvantaged’. This myth is favoured by the elitists in the establishment and propogated by unthinking and ignorant journalists – many of whom have been bought by the EU and its attendant lobbyists. The truth is that individuals who favour the EU are almost wholly ignorant and fascist as well as naturally servile and unoriginal in their thinking.)

It is hardly surprising that the BBC is losing two million licence fee payers a year. And all the pro-EU papers I mentioned are losing circulation.

The European elections just reported have made it clear that when the British people voted to leave the EU they meant what they said. If you add up all the Leave votes they far exceed the Remain votes.

How many times do we have to win a vote to be taken seriously by the people we pay to manage the country?

We have now voted twice to leave the EU. If we had a `third’ referendum we’d win that one too.

The Tories had pointless talks with Corbyn’s dead-loss Labour Party. So whoever becomes leader must now beg Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party to help them plan our speedy `no deal’ departure from the EU. The Brexit Party is, after all, now the biggest and most representative political force in the UK.

There isn’t anyone in the House of Commons we can trust to do other than betray democracy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

1. I don’t think Boris will get the job as PM. Brexiteers don’t believe he is honest in promising a no deal Brexit. Remainers fear he might be.

2. Please read The Shocking History of the EU – it will help you understand why we MUST leave the EU as quickly as possible.

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