Are These Celebrities Traitors, Quislings or Just Misinformed Simpletons?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The world is now awash with celebrities supporting the EU and attacking everyone who voted to leave the fascist would-be super state.

Every day another celebrity pops up to gather their allotted three minutes of free BBC publicity by describing Brexiteers as racists, or worse.

(The BBC is well-known to be a great supporter of the EU and any celebrity supporting the fascists is guaranteed laudatory publicity on the State broadcaster’s stations.)

Numerous celebrities (many of whom do not appear to know a great deal about politics or the background to the EU) want to stay on the right side of the most powerful broadcaster in the country. A surprising number of EU enthusiasts can be described as BBC luvvies.

And some doubtless want their gong too – their complimentary knighthood or whatever.

Some of these celebrities denounce England and the English. All seem convinced that those of us who want to leave the EU are dangerous disruptors and revolutionaries who are somehow threatening the freedom of celebrities to eat Camembert cheese or spend their holidays at their farmhouse in Tuscany.

Many seem to believe (quite genuinely) that if we leave the EU, Britain will somehow stop being European. They presumably assume that our island will be towed off to some distant part of the planet from whence there will be no opportunity to pop over to Paris or spend a weekend skiing in Switzerland.

Daniel Craig has been pictured wearing a Remain T-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘No man is an island. No country by itself.’

Oh dear. Mr Craig has managed to be corny and stupid at the same time. Maybe he hasn’t noticed that we may not be islands – but do we live on one. And we’ve been that way for quite a while.

David Beckham, another accomplished political thinker, has pointed out that international footballers made Manchester United great.


Well, you’ve got us there with that one, David. Obviously, if we leave the EU then there will be no chance of foreign footballers wanting to earn £300,000 a week by playing in the Premier League.

James Corden (who spends a good deal of his life in America which wouldn’t accept EU membership if you paid them) is reported to have said that the youth of Britain have been let down. He presumably believes that Edward Heath, who accepted £35,000 tax free to take us into this fascist cesspit, was a good egg and that the world’s most fascist organisation is a Good Thing.

Sir David Attenborough proved that he understands plants and animals much better than people by arguing that we should trust MPs to make difficult decisions for us. Has he any idea how many former British politicians have been in prison in the last decade? And not just for fiddling their expenses. (Corruption and dishonesty among politicians is not exclusively a British problem. It is difficult to think of a country anywhere which hasn’t imprisoned a leader for fraud or theft. And corruption within the EU is endemic. Indeed, the auditors have, for decades, refused to ‘pass’ the EU accounts.)

BBC employee Gary Linker has used the word ‘racist’ to describe the fact that Britons have been less than enthusiastic about welcoming unlimited numbers of 30-year-old immigrant ‘refugees’. However, I refuse to allow a crisp salesman to try to take the moral high ground. As a doctor I believe that Lineker’s crisp promotion adverts have done endless damage to the health of British youngsters. And why didn’t the political Lineker protest when his American employers blamed a massive price rise for their crisps on Brexit? Does he know they make the damned things from British potatoes?

Some celebrities always find it difficult to keep their egos out of their arguments. So, for example, Idris Elba is quoted as saying: ‘My parents immigrated to the UK, worked hard and made a contribution…ME…on that basis Vote In.’

That’s what I call a well thought out argument. Which part of the EU did your parents come from, Idris? I really didn’t know that either Sierra Leone or Ghana were EU members.

J.K.Rowling has forecast that Scotland will seek independence if Britain leaves the EU. Rowling seems unaware of one or two things. First, Scotland has about as much chance of becoming a successful independent country as Nicola Sturgeon has of playing cricket for England. Second, even if Scotland does manage to join the EU (and that would be a miracle) the Scots will find that membership of the EU means becoming just another EU region – not an independent country. Third, if we stay in the EU then England will disappear completely – and will become a series of EU regions. That’s the plan. Does Rowling realise that? Does she know precisely what Adolf Hitler’s eurocrats have in mind for Britain? Or was she speaking through her magic hat?

And the tearful and erudite middle class mother of two Lily Allen has complained ‘Well millenials. We’re really fucked.’

(Actually to be honest dear, I think you’ll find you’re wandering dangerously close to the day when you’ll be considered a bit long in the tooth to be a millennial. And I don’t think many people will take your ‘caring credentials’ too seriously if you keep boozing yourself so silly that you vomit in public. Don’t you think, dearie, that as a nice middle class mum you should consider spending a little more time setting your own home grown kids a good example?)

The biggest complaint the celebrities make is that those who want to leave the EU are doing so because they are opposed to immigration and must, therefore, be racists.

Oh dear, oh dear.

The celebrity loonies are wrong for many reasons.

First, most of us who loathe the EU do so because the organisation is badly run, organised by and for dedicated fascists and a very serious threat to freedom, privacy and everything we love. The celebrities who support the EU do not (I hope) know that the organisation was conceived and designed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi colleagues.

Second, we know that it is EU policy to get rid of England. Indeed, the EU has already managed to ensure that England can no longer be considered a country. A bunch of unelected, fascist eurocrats have decided that the English have no official nationality. And it is EU policy to remove the constitutional status of the Royal Family. (Princes William and Andrew, please note: if the EU has its way you’ll need to get proper jobs. This may or may not be a bad idea. But it’s something the British should decide – not a bunch of overpaid yahoos in Brussels.)

Third, their argument about immigration is puerile. As I have shown elsewhere on this website, England is now the most overcrowded country in Europe – by a long way.

Many of the celebrities who campaign for more immigration live in comfortable luxury and for them immigrants are merely a useful, cheap source of household labour. The mouthy celebrities don’t understand just how badly England and the English have been damaged by our bizarre, politically correct unilateral homage to multiculturalism. The EU loving celebrities (who include tax exiles and runaways now living in America) do not know or care that our culture has been damned near destroyed. Moreover, in their ignorance, they mistakenly describe economic migrants as refugees.

In book after book I have described at length the many ways in which the EU has destroyed our society and our way of life. There’s a cornucopia of information on this website. The celebrities who speak out in favour of the EU would be a little better informed if they spent a few minutes browsing before their opened their mouths.

But the celebrities who support the EU don’t want to be encumbered with facts and information. They simply want to leap onto a career enhancing bandwagon. They make me nauseous. Who the hell do they think they are?

The fact is that if you are a celebrity you should not make a strong personal statement on a powerful political issue unless you have done a good deal of research and believe what you are saying.

It’s difficult to believe that all the celebrities who have spoken out are as stupid as they appear to be.

And it is difficult to believe they are intent on destroying their careers by damning the majority of people who voted in the Referendum.

So must we assume that those celebrities who support the EU really think that Adolf Hitler’s plan was a good one, that getting rid of England is a great idea, that fraud and corruption are to be welcomed and that bureaucracy and red tape are a ‘good thing’?

Golly gosh.

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