Smart Cities Are Coming Fast

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Part of the Agenda 21 plan is to move all citizens into huge (or `mega’) cities. China has already started doing this. People are forced from rural and suburban areas into high rise flats in those large cities. This is all rather reminiscent of the highland clearances.

People will be moved into the smart cities by a complex combination of positive and negative incentives. There will be grants, tax credits and housing benefits to persuade people to move into cities. And in the countryside, rural properties will be condemned, seized and demolished. (The building of new roads and railway lines and sewage treatment facilities and dams to serve the new cities will be used as an excuse. Rewilding plans will also be used to force people out of the countryside. In China the Yangtze dam displaced millions of people from rural areas to smart cities.) There will be very few or no services with fire brigade, ambulance services and postal services all being ended in rural areas. Poor broadband will make it increasingly difficult for people live in rural areas as more and more of our lives become dependent upon the internet. Roads will be left unmended and bus and train services to rural areas will be ended. Farms will no longer be needed as naturally grown food is replaced with artificial food made in factories. The well-documented ‘Gatesian’ blocking of the sun will damage farming.

In the UK, the plans are already well in hand to create these smart cities. Under cover of the 2020 crisis, the Government has introduced new planning legislation. Development in England will in future be concentrated on brownfield sites in 20 selected cities in the Midlands and the North. Building will only be allowed in places such as Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds and Stoke. These are to be the new, smart cities. Once land has been declared `unprotected’ it will enjoy a `presumption in favour’ of planning permission. This marks the end of local democracy.

Those commentators who have noticed this dramatic change in the way England is organised have been rather cross but, as far as I know, none of them has noticed that this is connected to the Agenda 21 plan for smart cities. These, of course, are largely the same commentators who regard those of us worried about Agenda 21 as `conspiracy theorists’ and then dismiss as `discredited lunatics’.

The Agenda 21 supporters claim that the smart cities will give us a healthier way of life. We will be able to walk or cycle everywhere we need to go. We will not need to travel because there will be nowhere to go outside our city and since all cities will be the same what would be the point in going to another city? Pollution will drop because no one (except the bureaucrats who will need to travel about to make sure we are being obedient) will have a motor car. Apartments in the high rise towers will be cheap to rent because they will be small (and poorly built). There will be little need for energy for heating. No one will have a garden so there won’t be any need to waste water growing grass, flowers or vegetables. The weather will be controlled so there will never be any snow or ice. It will rain at night. There will be no police and no crime because everyone will be watching everyone else to make sure that they behave, and drones and robots will be watching us to make sure we report any law breaking we observe.

Unless we tell everyone we know about these changes, we will be lost. The Agenda 21 supporters (all lefty luvvies – who may or may not be aware of the ultimate purpose of Agenda 21) have been planning this takeover of our lives for decades.

Smart cities are the future they’re planning for us.

They aren’t the future I want.

What about you?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 1st 2021