Smug, Self-Satisfied and Stupid

Vernon Coleman

Hundreds of protestors who failed to disrupt holiday flights and trains are reported to have cried because they were unable to ruin holidays for thousands of hard working citizens.

That tells you everything you need to know about these people: smug, opinionated, self-satisfied and unconcerned with the people in the world around them.

Typical millennials, they just want to have fun, while convincing themselves that they are morally superior to everyone else.

In reality, these self-styled saviours of the world are in my view the lowest of the low: too stupid to recognise the futility and irrelevance of their actions; too ill-informed to know that they are making things worse rather than better and too ignorant to realise that the whole climate change scam is a trick by the EU to disguise the fact that the world’s oil is running out. The policies the Greens have promoted have impoverished millions and created real suffering.

I bet most of them travel by aeroplane and motor car. I bet they use mobile phones and computers. I bet most of them have central heating and air conditioning and eat meat. And I bet they wear cotton clothing.

And as human beings I fear I think the Heathrow green demonstrators are down among the dregs.

What sort of beings cry because they’ve been unable to cause misery to innocent people?

I bet they believe the blatantly biased propaganda they see on the Brussels Broadcasting Company and read the sanctimonious rubbish in The Guardian with genuine gusto.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

If they really want something to worry about the eco protestors need to read my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change – it is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. It would make a nice read for the self-styled world saviours when jetting out on their next holiday – or whizzing off to LA.