Doctors Shouldn't Sneak On Their Patients

Vernon Coleman

The news that GPs are to be forced to tell the police if they prescribe contraception for young teenage girls convinces me that the jackbooted, door-rapping Gestapo are now not far away.

Confidentiality has always been the bedrock upon which the trust between patients and doctors is founded. You cannot be confidential with some patients and not with others. You cannot be a little bit confidential any more than you can be a little bit pregnant or a little bit fascist. Any doctor who tells the police anything about a patient's treatment is guilty of gross professional misconduct and should be struck off the medical register immediately. As a registered medical practitioner and registered GP I took an oath never to divulge anything about any patient to anyone. Social workers can do what they like. If doctors don't fight this latest abuse they will have no right to call themselves professionals.

Feb 8 2006 Copyright Vernon Coleman 2006