Coronavirus: Proof that Social Distancing Doesnít Work

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Vernon Colemanís Banned YouTube broadcast on Social Distancing (script only)

This video was put up on YouTube on 11th May 2020. On May 13th YouTube informed us that it would be taken down. They did not explain why.

The one thing that is doing more harm than anything else is social distancing. The lunatics who are now running the asylum are insisting that we will have to retain social distancing for ever. Anyone who says this is an ignorant, cryptorchid poltroon who should be locked up for our safety. The type of social distancing being forced on us is, to use that well known medical phrase, total bollocks. Iíll explain why in a minute.

Itís social distancing which is destroying lives and which will destroy businesses and everything which makes our world good.

Social distancing forces friends to shout to one another and prevents grannies hugging their grandkids. Social distancing makes people fearful. It breeds distrust, suspicion and even hatred. Passers by step to one side and walk on the road if they see someone coming towards them. Social distancing will prevent meetings and demonstrations.

It is difficult to think of a business which wonít be adversely affected by social distancing. Restaurants are told they will have to throw out three quarters of their tables. Airlines have to throw out a third of their seats. Sports arenas can only seat people if they have six feet of space all around them. Cinemas and theatres will have to close off most of their seating. Cafes and pubs have no chance. Commercial kitchens will be non viable. Most kitchens will accommodate only one chef. Who is going to tell the bloke in the big white hat that he has to do all the washing up?

Hotels are doomed by social distancing .

Can you imagine trying to get back to your room after breakfast.

`Iím afraid there is a one hour queue for the lift, sir. Weíre only allowed to put two people into one lift.í

The theory behind social distancing is that it will protect people from other folk who sneeze or cough.

But I think that whoever thought it up is a cretin. And I think the people who have implemented social distancing are also cretins. Not just because they didnít think through the social or economic implications but because a sneeze doesnít stop at six feet. And nor does a cough.

A cough can spread droplets for 18 feet. And a sneeze can travel 24 feet.

So if we are going to have social distancing theyíve got the bloody distance wrong.

It has to be at least 24 feet. Really, it ought to be 30 feet to be safe.

A six feet limit is arbitrary and utterly pointless.

If we are going to do this properly social distancing has to be 30 feet.

Now, I suppose there are probably waiters who can serve food from six feet away. But how many waiters can serve food from thirty feet away?

How many people can you get in a bus or a railway carriage if everyone has to be 30 feet from everyone else? If thereís a driver on a bus the passenger will have to run behind.

Itís stupid. And thatís why they didnít introduce social distancing that was of any value.

They introduced enough social distancing to bugger up life but not enough to do any good.

The sensible solution is to push our so called leaders into forgetting about social distancing completely.

There would be no need at all for it if people covered their mouths and noses if they sneezed or coughed Ė and washed their hands frequently.

There used to be a slogan that ran `coughs and sneezes spread diseasesí.

Maybe they should forget about social distancing and bring that back.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 14th May 2020

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