Coronavirus: Will Social Distancing be Permanent?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

`Human lives are worth more than anything else. We must never put anything above the saving of one human life.í

Itís a commonly expressed feeling.

And I absolutely agree with the principle.

Who could not agree with it?

If someone you love needs a treatment which will cost a trillion dollars a day you would rightly demand that the treatment be provided Ė and damn the cost.

I would.

But if you spend a trillion dollars a day saving Mr Xís wife or Mrs Yís husband or their two-year-old child Z, there will be nothing left to pay for any other health services. Hospitals will have to shut. Operations will cease. There will be no medicines available. Millions of people will die unnecessarily.

And that is the dilemma.

Health care resources are finite.

And doctors always have to make decisions about how best to allocate those limited resources.

Thatís partly what triage is all about.

In an army surgical unit, doctors assess the incoming wounded and decide who needs to be seen first. (These days, triage is usually practised by nurses and receptionists though how well this works is open to question.)

When the coronavirus first appeared, mathematical modellers looked at the small amounts of evidence available, multiplied a bag of carrots by a golf ball, divided by a hamster, added a packet of peanuts and concluded that millions of people were going to die.

In Britain, the mathematical modellers led by Ferguson concluded that eight million people would be hospitalised and that 500,000 would die. Showing all the skills of life insurance salesmen, they sold this theory to the politicians Ė and convinced them that their projections were accurate. (Curiously, the normally sceptical politicians needed very little persuading.)

The mathematical modellers were wrong, of course.

They should have left out the peanuts and the hamster and divided by a rhinoceros.

But the politicians accepted what they were told. And life changed.

How the devil could they have all got everything so wrong?

I knew back in February that the coronavirus wasnít going to kill us all. In mid March I was vilified for recording a YouTube video in which I called the whole coronavirus `crisisí the hoax of the century. I thought it pretty obvious that the mathematicians were wrong.

The wise will at this point wonder whether politicians leapt on the nonsense because they saw an opportunity or whether the politicians were looking for an opportunity and waiting for the nonsense to be served up to them.

The suspicions of the wise will be strengthened by the fact that this bizarre error was repeated all over the world and duly endorsed and encouraged by eager politicians.

And so the hysteria and the panic become global Ė even though the bug was downgraded to flu level back in March.

Politicians and compliant journalists ignored this inconvenient truth because they didnít want their plans damaged.

The next stage in this lunacy was for politicians, advisors and health care chiefs to decide that the threat from the virus was so great that the health services should be devoted in their entirety to the care of patients with this one disease. They decided to clear the wards, cancel operations and build new hospitals.

Patients with cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses were shunted aside so that doctors and nurses could be ready to deal with the eight million patients Ferguson had told them to expect.

Suddenly, the coronavirus was the only thing that mattered.

In the UK, the Prime Minister conveniently fell ill with the disease and was taken to hospital. Every minor celebrity who had a sniffle became front page news.

Doctors and nurses obediently cleared their wards and prepared themselves. The nation came to a halt. Schools were closed. Factories and shops were shut. Even dentists and opticians were told to lock their doors to keep the virus at bay.

The panic was institutionalised.

And, as a result there will be eight million Britons on waiting lists for surgery by the autumn. Many of them will die waiting for treatment. This abrogation of duty by health care bosses appals and enrages me. The death rate has already started to rise Ė not because of the coronavirus but because people are being denied medical care.

Britons were told to `save the NHSí.

But why? What for? For most of us there is no NHS. Hundreds of thousands are going to die because the NHS has for weeks been closed for business.

As it became clear that this massive overreaction was unjustified, strenuous attempts were made to maintain the myth and to justify the measures which had been taken.

Patients who died with the coronavirus were added to the list of patients who had died of the virus. A House of Commons committee was told that up to two thirds of the people said to have died of the virus would have been dead anyway within months.

And so, even though it was clear that the policy was killing far more people than the disease, the panic was kept at fever pitch.

It is now clear that if more people die this year than last year it will be entirely because patients have been denied lifesaving medical care.

And so the `cureí will be far deadlier than the disease.

Nevertheless, there are already suggestions around that social distancing will be permanent.

In the UK, the Government and the supine media (none more supine than the treacherous BBC, of course) have raised the fear to terror and when Johnsonís Government elected to slightly soften the lockdown in England (the leaders of the quasi governments in Scotland and Wales chose to take the United out of United Kingdom in a move that must have thrilled Remainers and the fascist bureaucrats in Brussels) the majority of the population reacted in horror and insisted on checking the door locks, drawing the curtains and crawling under their beds.

(Some were undoubtedly inspired by the fact that after several weeks at home, being paid by the Government to do nothing, they found the prospect of going back to work rather unattractive.)

Governments everywhere have boosted the fear by talking of a second wave of infection and, having promoted the idea of a vaccine as the only saviour, confessing that there may never be one available.

Politicians want to control us. And they are doing very well.

It is difficult to see how we are all going to escape from this fake crisis.

Of course, if this wasnít a conspiracy to turn us all into subdued, apprehensive and obedient zombies they could announce that they had made a bit of mistake and that the coronavirus is no worse than the flu. Whoops. Sorry. Pardon. Ferguson meant well but got his sums upside down.

They are not going to say that. Ever.

They could say that the coronavirus has become less dangerous.

Or they could say their brilliant lockdown and social distancing policies have worked brilliantly and have saved us all so that it now safe to come out from under the bed.

But they donít want to do that because they want to keep the threat of a second wave available to scare us with if we start getting cocky and comfortable.

And they donít want to get rid of social distancing because it is social distancing which gives the politicians a massive amount of power; it is social distancing which is running our lives and which will weaken us as individuals. It is social distancing which will result in millions of job losses. It is social distancing which will wreck education for millions.

And, most important of all, it is social distancing which is wrecking health care and which result in huge numbers of people dying unnecessarily.

Governments will enthusiastically promote social distancing as the only way to keep us safe.

I believe thatís why my honest and seemingly innocuous video on social distancing was removed from YouTube.

Unless we stand up and fight, social distancing will be with us for years Ė possibly forever. And, as a result, our lives will be ruined in any conceivable way.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman May 19th 2020

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Copyright Vernon Coleman May 19th 2020