Royal Society of Arts Expelled Me for Telling the Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

I used to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts but the RSA expelled me without a hearing or a debate or a chance to properly defend myself. They expelled me for daring to tell the truth about covid, for being ‘mugged’ by BBC television and for daring to question the global warming myth.

(The RSA said they were expelling me because ‘of my views and my involvement in the BBC panorama programme’. That’s what they said. This seemed to me to be a bit like arresting someone because they’d been mugged. I was never invited to appear on the programme they mentioned which was, inevitably, a one-sided ‘hit’ job, criticising those of us who were daring to tell the (provable) truth. The RSA didn’t seem concerned that the BBC boasts that it won’t ever give airtime to those questioning vaccination ‘whether they’re right or wrong’.)

Everything I said and wrote was factually accurate and, as it becomes ever clearer that everything I predicted is coming to pass, I wonder sometimes if they feel just a little embarrassed.

Even if I had been wrong, what sort of organisation expels one fellow because one or two other fellows don’t agree with something they have said?

(Does everyone in the RSA have to agree with one another? If so, who makes the rules and why don’t they publish their manifesto of acceptable beliefs? Or is freedom of speech a commodity only allowed to a special few?)

My expulsion from the RSA was, at the time, rather a low point.

We both thought about death and suicide as the injustices mounted. The endless unjustified abuse made it difficult for me to leave the house or to meet people and made us both seriously depressed.

My wife is the kindest person I’ve ever met. In Paris I once saw her run across to a woman rummaging for food in a rubbish bin. Antoinette didn’t just give the woman some money – she gave her all the money in her purse. All of it. I have known her to do that many times. She doesn’t give coins to beggars or street buskers – she gives them currency notes.

I will never forgive the RSA because their mindless, censorious cruelty helped depress us both. It was, in some ways, a low point.

Antoinette was also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She resigned the day I was expelled. The lack of debate and fairness has been commonplace throughout the years since early 2020.

None of the politicians, journalists, doctors, broadcasters promoting the official line has ever been prepared to debate their beliefs.

That is their strength, because it means that they can say and do whatever they like.

But it is also their weakness because it means that anyone who is thoughtful and fair-minded must want to ask the question: why have these subjects never been debated?

Taken from Vernon Coleman’s new book `Truth Teller: The Price’. You can purchase a copy via the Bookshop on Just go to the section dealing with Covid and the Great Reset.

Note that this book, which explores the covid fraud and other trickery, and describes how Vernon Coleman has, for several years now, been regularly banned and censored, is itself already banned in some countries. Dr Coleman has made over 300 videos, written a number of books and written over 1,000 articles in the last three years. Despite many attempts the fact checkers have failed to find any errors in any of his work.

A copy of this book was sent to the Royal Society of Arts. They have not responded.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2024