Why There Are So Many Zombies

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

`Getting and spending we lay waste our powers,í wrote William Wordsworth, the Lakeland poet in a rare moment when he wasnít being mesmerised by daffodils.

These days he would have to rewrite that, changing it to: `Worrying and obeying we lay waste our powersí.

Thatís what is happening today.

The new abnormal, whereby our every movement, small ambition and thought is controlled and constricted by laws which make about as much sense as an episode of Patrick McGoohanís magnificent TV series The Prisoner (of which, I confess, I am constantly reminded these days) deteriorates daily, advancing into ever more absurd realms of Orwellian fantasy.

Those of us who know for certain that something is wrong now waste much of our time trying to unravel the complexities of the new world order which has been foisted upon us; the Gordian knot of our times.

We venture down rabbit holes, into dark caves and up beanstalks looking for clues.

The fact, of course, is that many people are responsible for the confusion and the fear which now rule our lives.

The politicians, the medical and scientific advisors, the global organisations with their agendas and the billionaires who apparently want to gain ever more riches, control and power would be at the top of most peopleís lists of suspects. And then there are the drones of Common Purpose, carefully brainwashed into thinking that they are in control, the new top rank citizens, when in reality they are merely in place as facilitators; present to ensure that the will of their masters is carried out without question.

And, of course, the idiots who donít bother to question anything they are told but who merrily wear their silly masks, maintain social distancing and obey every new damned silly law as though their lives depended upon it, are also on the list. They will soon wear their masks all the time Ė indoors or out of doors. They will willingly put on gloves every time they leave home. They will wash their hands ever more frequently in a vain attempt to rinse away a threat that almost certainly isnít there to be washed away. Their pathetic compliance has strengthened their own enemies but they trust what they are told and so they are doomed. The danger is that they will drag us down with them.

They think they are behaving sensibly but they are collaborators, traitors to the human race, guilty of stupidity and ignorance more than anything else. Their misplaced trust and their contemptible weakness are enabling the enemy.

Without their obedience the people who are trying to destroy our civilisation would get no-where.

The protestors tearing down statues, attacking buildings and attempting to destroy every artefact and memory of our history are playing straight into the hands of those who want to destroy the past, good or bad, in order to rebuild a new world of permanent slavery. By denouncing those who do not appear to think acceptably about racial or gender issues they are aiding and abetting the greatest enemy the human race has ever faced.

The climate change protestors who make so much noise and who are filled with a sense of self-righteousness, self-satisfaction and unparalleled smugness are behaving like crazed lemmings Ė taking us over the edge of the cliff and down onto the rocks where the survivors will fall into the hands of a bunch of truly evil men and women whose motives may be cloaked in the false colours of philanthropy or well-meant desires to eradicate poverty or hunger but which are, in truth, no more than selfish yearnings for the traditional triumvirate of power, control and money.

The problem, of course, is that simple-minded citizens who wear their masks with so much pride that they pick out colours and styles as though they were choosing any other new accessory, donít understand that they are being lied to.

They are suffering from something called cognitive dissonance: they cannot believe that they are living in a world where nothing is as it was. The lie is simply so huge, so complete, that they cannot accept that anyone would be so evil as to tell it. Maybe they havenít heard of Goebbels and Hitler, who believed that if you told a big enough lie no one would believe it to be a lie because they wouldnít be able to conceive of people being prepared to tell it.

You can see them walking around anywhere these days. They look and behave like zombies, as though they are under a spell.

But there is another group which is helping to make all this work: the mass market media.

Without the media the manipulators would not have been able to pull off their coup.

And they are at it everywhere in the world.

In The Spectator magazine the other day I read an article on the coronavirus by someone called Matthew Parris who tossed into his article the words `itís killing millions worldwide and threatening to overwhelm health provisioní.

With rubbish like this in print itís hardly surprising that there are so many zombies or covid fearing idiots around.

The total death number for covid-19 has officially passed half a million Ė but that is now recognised to be an absurd exaggeration. And I really donít think anyone other than Mr Parris seriously believes that covid-19 is now threatening to overwhelm health provision.

However, I doubt if any organisation is quite so adept at control through misinformation as the BBC Ė once known for its integrity and reliability but now, I believe, hated and reviled in Britain as never before.

And rightly so.

Distrust the Government, Avoid Mass Media and Fight the Lies.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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