Bugger off, Soros!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So that nasty Hungarian George Soros is apparently giving a small bundle of his loot to the campaign to stop Britain leaving the EU.

Quite what it has to do with him I’m not sure.

The last time most of us heard of him he was making a fortune shorting our currency.

But now he’s decided that he knows better than the British people what is good for us.

The words `arrogant bastard’ spring to mind.

But the odd thing is that Soros seems to be Jewish.

Doesn’t he realise that the EU was planned by Adolf Hitler?

And I don’t know whether or not Mr Soros knows this, but Herr Hitler was never too nice to Jewish people.

So why is Soros now trying to overrule British democracy and keep us in the world’s most fascist organisation?

Could it possibly be that he doesn’t know the history of the EU?

Maybe you should do your homework Mr Soros – before you start interfering in things you don’t understand.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018