Harry, Spotify and Misinformation

Dr Vernon Coleman

I see that the intrepid and very private Harry (the artist formerly known as Prince) and Meghan are urging Spotify (whatever it is) to stop spreading misinformation about covid.

This is splendid news. And I’m sure their fans will be delighted that they aren’t doing a `Neil Young’ and threatening to remove their whatever from Spotify.

I have no idea what Spotify does (I confess I had assumed it was a patent remedy for acne or zits but this now seems unlikely) but misinformation is a serious problem these days. Many people are promoting the deadly jabs and talking of covid as if it were a deadly plague. That, of course, is dangerous misinformation.

I hope Spotify listens to the merry pair and gets rid of all those idiots who claim that covid is anything more than the re-branded flu. And I also hope Spofity bans anyone promoting the damned toxic covid jabs. And get rid of anyone seen trying to hide their acne spots beneath a mask.

Getting rid of the sort of misinformation spread by governments, advisors and the media will help us all!

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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