We Are Stalked by Evil

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The demand for electric cars means that all over the world new mines are being opened to dig up the essential minerals required to build an electric car. Many of the mines employ small children to dig out the metals. The sanctimonious idiots who buy electric cars donít care about any of this. (Nor do they care, apparently, that theyíll be lucky to travel more than 100 miles without queuing for six hours to recharge their batteries. Anyone who buys an electric car should be regarded as too stupid to hold a driving licence.)

2. Smug, psychotic psycho Greens in Germany have forced their politicians to abandon nuclear power. The result will be that the price of natural gas will now soar, and next winter will be even more expensive than the last one. Millions more will die because of Green policies. The Greens are doubtless winning many brownie points from their Bilderberger masters.

3. Striking doctors donít yet understand that they will all be out of work by 2028 at the latest. And my latest estimate is that all those who work with computers will be unemployed within three years. Permanently.

4. There are complaints that people no longer want to go to the theatre unless it is to watch a musical. Could this be because theatres are run by woke millennials who only put on plays which involve ethnically acceptable miserable characters who hate culture and history but pontificate constantly about climate change and transgender issues? Jokes are no longer acceptable and millennials donít approve of fun. So the theatre will die. Nothing happens by mistake.

5. UK Prime Minister Sunak should be arrested as a war criminal. Sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine makes him one of the worst war criminals for decades. If you havenít watched it please take a look at my video entitled `Nuclear War is Comingí which deals with the proven dangers of depleted uranium. Sunak is a truly evil man.

6. The UN Security Council wants to replace international law with rules that they are making up. And, of course, the UN is a completely unelected body.

7. The US traditionally uses international organisations such as the IMF for its own geopolitical purposes. The current aim is to contain China and isolate Russia. Not going too well.

8. It is crucial to remember that the US deliberately got rid of a democratically elected government in Ukraine in 2014 and put in a puppet government. It is also important to understand that Russia intended only to liberate the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine. And, a long time ago, Russia wanted to make peace. It was Biden and NATO which refused the chance of peace. Oh, and Sunak didnít want peace either. `More bombs, more deaths, more destruction!í is the constant cry from our so-called leaders, egged on by a compliant media and armies of insane Ukraine flag waving collaborators.

9. General Cavoli, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and NATO big cheese has admitted that Russian armed forces have not been adversely affected by the war in Ukraine. Think about that. And then ask yourself whether you heard about that on the mainstream media. If you want to check this out watch Cavoliís evidence to the House and Senate armed services committees. Meanwhile, the BBC has seemed obsessed with the deaths of a number of fairly minor celebrities. Distraction, you see.

10. British rail unions have called for strikes on the day of the Eurovision song contest, the Derby at Epsom and the Cup Final. (I thought the rail strikes were over but the rail unions obviously decided otherwise.) Is this part of the globalists plan to destroy our culture, our history and our ability to travel to big events? (I know itís pushing it to describe the Eurovision song contest as a cultural event but maybe the rail union bosses regard it as cultural. Who knows. These people live in a different world and sit in a parallel universe.)

11. The awful mayor of Paris (the one who drove us away from the city) is going ahead with her plan for excluding private cars from the centre of Paris. Hidalgo, the socialist mayor, wants to be President of France but to be honest I think Iíve got a better chance of becoming President of France than she has. The French have seen the sort of mess sheís made of Paris.

12. In New York, the Mayorís food police want to measure the carbon footprints of New Yorkers by examining what they eat. He wants to cut food consumption by a third by 2030. And he wants New Yorkers to eat laboratory food. I donít think he has asked New Yorkers if they are happy about this proposal, but politicians regard democracy as an inconvenience and donít bother to take any notice of the wishes of their citizens these days. (Check out the utterly awful Khan in London for more evidence. Why should he care? Demographics will keep him in power for at least another 50 years.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2023

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