Undeniable but Startling News about 5G

Dr Vernon Coleman

An upgrade to the USA’s 5G network has been delayed because of fears that it might interfere with aeroplanes –and cause them to crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration had warned about the danger, and both Airbus and Boeing had pushed the Biden administration to delay the 5G introduction.

Telephone companies had originally (and recently) vowed to carry on with the rollout. But the problem is that the airlines need to understand how 5G interferes with radio altimeters.

Does this matter?

Well, radio altimeters measure how high a plane is flying.

The world’s biggest planemakers are worried that the wifi frequencies used by 5G are close to those used by aircraft altimeters.

What could happen?

Well the aircraft could crash – particularly in bad weather when pilots rely on their altimeters most.

In the UK the Civil Aviation Authority seems to be happy that there is nothing worry about.

To be honest, I really don’t mind.

Nearly all the people who fly these days are jabbed.

And the jabbed are stupid and selfish and we’re better off without them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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