Gordon Brown: Statist or Fascist?

Taken from Gordon Is A Moron by Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman

`What, then, is the essence of fascism? It is the outcome of capitalism in decay. It is the retort of the propertied interests to a democracy which seeks to transcend the relations of production implied in a capitalist society...Success means using the state-power over the nation partly to coerce and partly to cajole it into acquiescence in his rule. That acquiescence is the sole purpose of, and the sole justification for, the methods that he uses. The only values he considers are those which seem likely to contribute to his success.'
Harold J Laski, Reflections of the Revolution of Our Time

Gordon Brown is sometimes described as a `statist'. I doubt if even his closest admirers could disagree with that description.

Statism is described in the dictionary as a political system in which the state has substantial central control over social and economic affairs. The word `statism' accurately summarises the sort of policy favoured by New Labour for if ever there was a nation which could be described as statist it is Britain as it has been moulded by Brown. I cannot think of a significant British politician who has been more of a statist than Brown.

But the word `statist' doesn't go quite far enough.

And the important question is: what, if anything, is the difference between statism, communism and fascism?

Communism is a political system in which all property is owned by the community. The word originated in 19th France and is based on the principle of `common property'. The communist system was, of course, best illustrated by the kind of government practised in the former Soviet Union. Gordon Brown's Britain is not a communist country. (Nor, since socialism is merely a slightly weakened version of communism, is Britain a socialist country.)

But what about fascism?

There is much confusion about precisely what fascism entails and the word is thrown around rather wildly as a term of abuse. Those who oppose the EU are dismissed as fascists. (Though the EU is probably the most perfectly fascist organisation in history). And politicians and commentators sometimes seem to suggest that fascism and racism are the same thing. (This simply isn't true. Fascism isn't racism. Mussolini's Italy was not racist).

It is, however, fairly simple to find a definition.

The official Oxford English Dictionary definition of a fascist is: `One of a body of Italian nationalists organised in 1919 under Benito Mussolini to oppose Bolshevism.'

So, in order to find out what a fascist really is, all we need to do is find out what Mussolini meant by fascism. Mussolini defined fascism as a political system in which the rights of the state expressed the real essence of the individual. And he went on to say that: `We were the first to assert that the more complicated the forms of civilisation, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.'

It is, incidentally, assumed that fascism always comes from the right. But fascism can also come from the left. Indeed, today most fascism comes from the left. And there is absolutely no difference between the two varieties. To the victims it doesn't matter whether the fascism is created by right wingers or left wingers.

Fascism reduces our freedom and privacy because only the state really matters and the state (and those who work for it and control it) takes precedence over everyone and everything else.

In principle, the state exists to provide citizens with an infrastructure. To pay for this the state is allowed to tax the electorate.

But this Government now uses the taxes it raises for other things (funding wars, hiring civil servants to vote Labour and hiring expensive spin-doctors to make the lies ever more convincing) so that there is virtually nothing left for the essential infrastructure.

The British Government now spends nearly half of the nation's Gross Domestic Product but it spends most of the money on the wrong things and so the country is falling apart.

In a fascist country the government doesn't nationalise the means of production because it doesn't need to. Instead it merely assumes total control through regulation and legislation. Small businesses, regarded as a dangerous sign of independence and freedom, are controlled by regulations and red tape. In other words, although fascism leaves ownership in the hands of individuals it gives effective control of those businesses to the state. But, of course, ownership without control is a contradiction and what this means in reality is that the individual has all the responsibility while the state has all the authority.

A fascist country is one where the state controls virtually everything; it is a country where the state bureaucrats decide what is good for the ordinary citizens; it is a country where the state makes all or most of the decisions about how money should be spent; it is a country where the state grabs most of the wealth and then doles the cash out in dribs and drabs. A fascist state is paternalism gone mad: everyone works and the state hands out pocket money. Fascism is the annihilation of democracy.

The UK, without doubt a fascist country, is now one of the most centralised political systems in the world. People have stopped bothering to vote because politicians no longer take any notice of them. Today, more people in Britain vote in television talent shows than vote in parliamentary elections. The subordination of the individual to the state is an integral part of fascism. The fascist has no real doctrine except a passionate desire to remain in authority.

People won't complain about what is going on because they have been institutionalised by the system - in the same way that prisoners or long-term hospital patients become institutionalised. Real people, with real passions, real interests in their community, have been replaced by apparatchiks, Labour party gofers, hacks and professional expense claimers, people who once shared a train compartment with Tony Blair, people whose sole ability is to fill in forms and who live within the system, for whom the system is the end rather than a form of management, and people whose only real skills are perjury, fraud and extortion.

The Tories were bad enough, but Labour has finally shown us the extent to which politicians will go, just how dangerous they can be and how crucial it is to control their power.

We don't have a Prime Minister (in the sense that Winston Churchill was a Prime Minister). Instead we have a malevolent dictator, a man for whom most of us never voted in any election, a man whose primary motive seems to be self-aggrandisement and self-enrichment rather than any sense of public service. The Government is anti-worker, anti-poor, anti-peace, anti-freedom, anti-ambition and anti-democracy.

Modern politics, as practised by Gordon is all about self-preservation and self-glorification. It has nothing to do with the needs of the electorate or the country.


If you are British there are now 266 ways that Government-employed thugs can enter your home. Britain has more public and private closed circuit television cameras per person than any other country in the world. The 4.2 million CCTV cameras work out at one for every 14 people.


In a fascist country it is the sick, the weak and the needy who suffer most, and we are now seeing, at first hand, the institutionalised economic oppression of the masses by the state. Remember: fascism means that the state comes first and the people come a long way second. The state's employees exist to defend the state (rather than to care for the people) and that is why their loyalties are to the state. Civil servants whose working lives are dominated by the need to satisfy the state machinery by hitting performance targets are working not for the people but for the party machinery - the state.

The only honest purpose of a Government is to protect its citizens; to work for them.

But Brown has acted like a ruler not a servant, and our individual rights have been eroded and replaced with state rights.

In a real democracy the state should have no rights; it should only have responsibilities. In a real democracy the Government should only be entitled to use force to protect the rights of the individual.

But our Government controls us with fear and force.

We have been destroyed by a potent and poisonous mixture of statism, multiculturalism, political correctness and political self-interest.

Fascism is effectively gang rule. Gangsters loot the efforts of productive citizens and constantly search for new ways to do so. Individual rights are ignored or suppressed. The people are controlled by laws, by regulations and by fear.

In a democratic country, the state has responsibilities to the individual. The state collects money from individuals (through taxes) and then uses that money to provide an infrastructure.

But in our utterly fascist society the state accepts no responsibilities. Instead, the state makes up unfair, unreasonable, laws. And collects money to sustain itself, its hierarchy and their thugs.

Taken from Vernon Coleman's book Gordon Is A Moron, which is available from the bookshop on this website and from all good bookshops everywhere.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2008