They Still Donít Get It Do They?

Vernon Coleman

Tory ministers are so desperate they are again talking about doing a deal with Labour that will enable us to leave the EU but stay in the customs union and remain slaves to Brussels.

They donít understand that the people will not be satisfied with such a wimpy version of Brexit.

If theyíd pushed through Mayís crappy deal two years ago they might have got away with it. But not today. People know too much.

How can these idiots not understand that the only way for the appallingly stupid, stubborn and selfish May to rescue a small part of what remains of her reputation (in a balloon debate she would be thrown out before the Yorkshire Ripper) is to take us out of the EU immediately - on our terms.

Personally, I think that even that would be too late.

Whatever May now does, the Tories are going to wherever the Whigs went.

And good riddance to the lot of them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

P.S. If May and her Remainer cronies succeed in pushing a rotten deal through Parliament it will be overturned as soon as we can vote in a Parliament which will listen to the people. Contrary to a belief enjoyed by Remainers, there is no such thing as an irrevocable deal with the EU. If we are tied to the EU against our will, Brexiteers will huff and puff and cause endless trouble.

P.P.S. The big banks are apparently telling the government what sort of Brexit they want. It doesnít matter a damn what sort of Brexit the banks want. They donít have a vote.

P.P.P.S. The only logical, acceptable candidate for Prime Minister is Jacob Rees-Mogg. He appears to be intelligent, erudite, calm, sensible, determined, loyal, patriotic, fair and honourable. Rare qualities in a politician. He has my vote as PM.